Love and longing.

This card is for the someone or something that you long to be with again. Those that we love are always in our hearts but sometimes we long for the physical connection.

It is said that when we sleep our soul goes about galavanting to many realms, to the past and to the future, to the higher and the lower realms. The soul decides where it wants to go but we can nudge it along to where we want to go as well. Before sleeping tonight you can ask for your astral self to go meet your loved one and while you sleep you can be with the person. You may not remember the meeting but you will wake up with a feeling of wellness. Plus you can always ask for a sign from the universe to confirm if it did happen.

This traveling need not just be with people you know. You can also give intent to travel to higher realms and/or to meet Angels, Gods and masters. Nightmares usually means you’ve been traveling to the lower realms and you can ask the soul to move to the lighter ones. If you feel like you’ve had a bad couple of nights, you can give an intent to sleep deeply and wake refreshed.

I’m off for a workshop so no readings from me till Monday. It is the full moon tonight though and I’ll try and put up a ritual today, if possible. Today’s moon is called the snow moon or the chaste moon and a cleasing ritual would be ideal. If you have any thoughts / ideas lemme know.

Much love and happy Tuesday ❤️.

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