Spinning threads.

The past is calling out to you today and this week. It is calling to be cleared, to be released and for the beauty and power of the past to be claimed in the present moment, woven together like precious rare silk. All the experiences, mistakes, adventures and successes of the past give us theContinue reading “Spinning threads.”

August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’sContinue reading “August 2019”

Come to the edge.

It’s quite the scariest thing, to come to the edge but also the most exhilarating. There are times when we need to conquer our fears and step into the unknown, to take that leap of faith trusting our wings will sprout on the way, and that we will soar higher than ever. A big partContinue reading “Come to the edge.”

Full moon in Capricorn.

What a perfect card to have popped up, since last night we had the full moon, in Capricorn no less! And what is being called a rather powerful Lunar Eclipse for this year. With this moon cycle, a period of challenges seems to be coming to a close. If you have been feeling particularly stretchedContinue reading “Full moon in Capricorn.”

Internal politics.

We often do things we end up regretting later. Tiny, inconsequential things that people say or do can pinch and prick us and we end up saying or doing things in retaliation. At the end of it (depending on the person’s reaction) we either feel justified in the action or drown in guilt. This cardContinue reading “Internal politics.”

Anger is my Ally.

We tend to think of anger as a destructive force and something to be ashamed of and something to be suppressed. Think of anger as the fire element within us. Fire can be destructive and can cause a lot of damage but it is also something that provides us with warmth and nourishing food. AngerContinue reading “Anger is my Ally.”

Spirit of destruction.

Following from yesterday’s message of inviting in abundance, today’s card asks what needs to be destroyed so that something new can be created? To create abundance what limiting thoughts and beliefs need to be shafted? Destruction is not a bad thing if it is an organic natural movement and it reminds me of nature andContinue reading “Spirit of destruction.”