Love and longing.

This card is for the someone or something that you long to be with again. Those that we love are always in our hearts but sometimes we long for the physical connection. It is said that when we sleep our soul goes about galavanting to many realms, to the past and to the future, toContinue reading “Love and longing.”

Today’s moon ritual.

This is what I’m thinking of doing today. Anytime after 10 pm feels like a good time. It’s a cardinal direction ritual and you can set up four points to represent the 4 directions. Place an object to represent North, East, West and South. A crystal will do nicely. Take some time to cleanse theContinue reading “Today’s moon ritual.”

Doing the right thing.

The Hierophant is about doing the right thing or even saying the right thing. You may be struggling with an issue and are unsure about what the right thing to do is here. The card does suggest doing the right according to your own moral compass, with an addendum to do the right thing whichContinue reading “Doing the right thing.”

Patterns & Karma.

Have you noticed some patterns in life that keep persisting on? You become aware of it and although it is challenging, you work at it and you think you’ve learnt the lesson and experienced the wisdom and then it comes back! The beautiful, compassionate Quan Yin, comes to you with this blessing of karmic healing.Continue reading “Patterns & Karma.”