Jan 11th, 2021.

Happy 2021 ya’ll! How has the first week of this year been for you? 

Mine has been interesting – in the Chinese context of interesting! I have a shoulder injury which has required extensive physiotherapy so I’m floating about like a wounded soldier and I have to say that I’ve been whining frequently and vocally about it – healers really make the worst patients!

The card for this week is making me feel so much better though and it does seem like the right card to start the year with. The Page always comes with a message of hope, of newness and looking at the world with new eyes. The Pentacles are about the physical and material and can relate to the body as well. Expect something to open up this week, could be work, could be at home, could be financial or maybe you’ll do that handstand that you always wanted to do. Maybe something will change externally or your perspective on it will change. 

The Page looks at the world through the eyes of a child – with wonder and delight. Have you seen children reach out for what they want? There is no hesitation or thinking it through or even considering anyone else’s feelings, all this happens when we become adults. Have a goal or desire but don’t overthink it, just go after what you want without thinking of the what or how. In the picture, the page is holding her desire in her hands, which means that it is within reach!

2021 adds up to a number 5 so if the last year was about being stationary, this year will definitely see some movement as the number five vibrates with the energy of freedom and movement. Maybe it has already started for you? 

A quick note to let you know that bookings are open for the annual 2021 reading! It’s a longish reading which starts with the learning from 2020 then moves to what to expect from 2021 for work and finances, love and relationships, and home and health. 

Have a lovely week ❤


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