8th March. Time.

This week ushers in some much needed energy of flow. It is a productive week but there is the energy of having enough time to breathe. If the last couple of months have been hectic for you, you will enjoy this week where things will fall into place without you needing to struggle or without you rushing for time.

Time is an interesting concept and it feels like this year it is going to be one of those things that we will be invited to pay attention to. You must have noticed how time expands and contracts according to your circumstance and state of being. What if it’s your state of being that is determining the passage of time. What if it can expand and contact according to your will. Experiment with the concept of expanding time when you feel like you need more. When you step out of home state your intent on arriving on time, even if you are running late. When doing a task try the same intent of finishing on time. Be open to it and experience your impact on time and tell me how it goes for you! If nothing else just observe or be aware of time.

It’s a good week to socialize and celebrate so relax and let work take the back seat for now.

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