The universe has your back

If things don’t go right today, go left. Today’s card is a reminder that the universe has your back. When you don’t get what you want it’s because the universe has better things in store for you. When things don’t work out it’s because going that route wouldn’t have been good for you. If the internetContinue reading “The universe has your back”

Message from the clouds.

You may experience some cloudiness today – some confusion of the mind or cloudiness in vision. You may have been clear about the path you have taken in the past but now you are feeling unsure about the decision you have taken. Cloudiness on occasion can be a good thing as it makes you stopContinue reading “Message from the clouds.”

August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’sContinue reading “August 2019”

Message from the Crow.

There are a lot of misconceptions about crows and as they’re not exactly pretty to look at we try to keep our attention from them. It is true that crows are associated with mysticism and it is true that they are rather mystical beings but it is not in the negative sense. Crows are saidContinue reading “Message from the Crow.”

Vision Quest.

Sometimes we need to be bored so that answers come to us. When we are busy, engaged, entertained, it distracts us from the messages that spirit wants us to hear. There is a message waiting for you, waiting for you to be so bored, with nothing to do so that you can hear it. IfContinue reading “Vision Quest.”

Heart of Sky.

Some more about intention today 🙂 Let your intention be as lofty as you want it to be. Don’t think about what is possible and what is not, just aim for the sky. We put limits for ourselves not realising just how powerful we are, how powerful our intent can be and just how powerfulContinue reading “Heart of Sky.”

The Falcon.

I love this image of the Falcon soaring up in the sky. It feels like the sun is aiding its flight and if you look closely there is an eye of horus within the sun. The imagery and symbolism in this card is just so powerful and uplifting that I’m feeling the surge, even asContinue reading “The Falcon.”

Earth goddess.

The Earth Goddess comes with the message of manifestation this week. Manifestation starts with a Wish. What you wish for creates a ripple in the universe and the universe conspires to make it happen by presenting opportunities in your path. I read this lovely take on wishes some time back – when you wish forContinue reading “Earth goddess.”