Beautiful Dreamer.

I recently had a conversation with my mentor, the inside-out-beautiful Annie Cariapa, about dreams and fantasies. I was calling them castles in the air and telling her that I am forcing myself to not be in the clouds and trying to be more earthy and realistic. She, rather taken aback, said, but why would you want to do that? 

Some fantasy, some castles in the air are good for us. We don’t need to live in those castles but we can visit them once in a way to remind us of the fantastical dreams we have. We have no inkling of what can change in the blink of an eye. To catch the opportunity or to even let the universe work for us, we have to have the dream, even if it is a fantastical one. It may not all come true immediately or even not at all but the hope and possibility is what keeps us alive and makes us thrive.

The only caveat is to come back from the fantasy and into plating the seeds for what we desire. To nurture ourselves and our dreams, in this reality.

And also to surround ourselves with people who encourage our dreams. If you find yourself in the company of people who don’t support that, walk away from them.

Dare to dream your dream, beautiful dreamer ❤

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