Hi, I’m Darpan and Welcome to the Home of my Art!

This Page reflects my most recent work and sometimes some work in progress. In other pages you will find earlier work and commissioned pieces. Do contact me directly to commission or purchase any of the artworks here.

I mostly paint Abstracts in Oil and Acrylic but there is some work that is representational.

In the brick and motor world you can find my work displayed at Felix, Anjuna-Goa.


Series : Wild Things

This is a series of larger artworks and it reflects the place I am in life. Where I want move away from societal and cultural trappings – to show up with my rough edges, to eat with my hands in fancy places, to be okay to mispronounce words, to just be rough and free and not care about the crumbs on my shirt. The Title painting “Where Wild things Grow” has been shortlisted for the Art2Life International Juried Exhibition. Click here to view the complete series. Click here to go to the Art2life Exhibition.

Series: Here There be Dragons

This is a motley collection of works with aliens, dragons, and other creatures. It’s a collection that is really close to my heart because my love for fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi is coming through. These are done on 12×12″ wood panels. Click here to view the complete series.

Small Abstractions

A series of small abstractions on paper. I’m calling it ‘feels like…’. Click to view the series.

Earlier Work

These are a jumble of earlier and sold artwork.