At ease.

Sukhasana is the at-ease pose or the happiness pose and that’s what this week feels like. Being at-ease. Unlike savasana, which is the relaxation pose, Sukhasana is just being comfortable. It is the ease that comes from feeling the stability of the earth beneath us, from the spine which has the support to be straight and strong, from the open chest which is the heart being completely open.

In constellation terms, it is called not-efforting – letting things happen rather than making things happen, breathing in life just as it is.
With the full moon just around the corner, emotions could be heightened and this message is to just observe what comes up for you.
The card also asks that you be open and easy with relationships as well. Allow yourself to just enjoy the simple friendships you have rather than give any deep meaning to them.
If you feel like there is some efforting is required, sit in sukhasana for a while and the feeling will pass.
Be at ease and have a lovely week 💟

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