Changing form

Hi There!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here. What was meant to be a short break for a couple of weeks has turned into something more permanent. For a while now I’ve been attempting to find a home for my art socially. Much introspection has made me realise I need to decide whether to be social about Tarot and Therapy or about Art because it is not in me to do both.

I continue to do personal sessions for both Tarot and Therapy but this space I am surrendering to the Art. This will have some posts – maybe one odd a month or even less – but they will be related to Art, to Life and maybe some spirituality – just not the readings.

I would of course love to have you stay and be part of this other journey with me but I totally understand if that isn’t your cup of tea and you choose to unsubscribe. If you are the former, then yayyyie – so happy to have you! and if you are the latter then my bestest wishes and hasta la vista.

Do note that I am and will continue to be a Therapist and Tarot Reader and you can reach me at +91 8459303602 for Readings and for Therapy sessions. Only the social handles are changing to the arty stuff.

See you on the other side of this 🙂

Love, D

Back with a difference

I’ve taken a rather long break this time, partly because I was doing a rather intense online course and partly because this hasn’t been working for me for a while. I’ve really been missing the interactivity that comes with a live reading and I’ve been feeling like I’m talking at people rather than to them😒.

So, I’m trying something different here now. Starting May I would like to invite you to a live reading, which I’m hoping to do the first Saturday or Sunday of every month. It’ll be on Zoom and I get to see people and have everyone’s energies in the mix. There will be space to ask for clarifications and/or go deeper into things that interest you. Maybe there will be space to ask some questions too! I’m not all decided what it’s going to be like but excited to see how it evolves!

There is more stuff that I want to add into the mix but I’ll hold it for the call. We’ll talk more there!

The first one is at 10.30 am on Saturday, 1st May!Send me a message if you’re keen to join and I shall send you the Zoom link.
See you soon!

8th March. Time.

This week ushers in some much needed energy of flow. It is a productive week but there is the energy of having enough time to breathe. If the last couple of months have been hectic for you, you will enjoy this week where things will fall into place without you needing to struggle or without you rushing for time.

Time is an interesting concept and it feels like this year it is going to be one of those things that we will be invited to pay attention to. You must have noticed how time expands and contracts according to your circumstance and state of being. What if it’s your state of being that is determining the passage of time. What if it can expand and contact according to your will. Experiment with the concept of expanding time when you feel like you need more. When you step out of home state your intent on arriving on time, even if you are running late. When doing a task try the same intent of finishing on time. Be open to it and experience your impact on time and tell me how it goes for you! If nothing else just observe or be aware of time.

It’s a good week to socialize and celebrate so relax and let work take the back seat for now.

23rd Feb. Queen of Cups.

The Queen of cups is the Mother card for me. The Queen is compassionate, caring and nurturing. She has complete mastery over her emotions, which is to say that she is capable of feeling the depth and width of her emotions yet leaving room for the other, for theirs. 

This week your Mom will be on your mind. And like with all relationships, it’s not necessary that it is all sunshine and roses. Maybe you will have a tiff with her or there may be something she says or does that brings up some old hurts for you. Pay attention though, don’t just brush it off as insignificant. Many times we think to ourselves, this is how this person is and we try to dismiss the incident from our mind. If it is a repeated incident then maybe it’s time to sit with it and figure out what emotions it brings up for you. Once you know you will automatically come up with ways to resolve it. 

Reach out to her sometime this week and observe how you feel. Sometimes we see only one aspect of Mom and form a picture of that in our minds. Yes, she can be emotional but it doesn’t mean that she can’t hold space for you. Maybe she’s emotional about the stuff that happens to her but she can be there, strong and resilient for you. 
We think of her only as Mother but she is also a woman, a person who can also be vulnerable at times, she can also be prone to stress and anguish and fear like the rest of us.

She is multifaceted and multidimensional and sometimes we forget that. She can be emotional but she can also be strong. We often try to protect her from stuff that’s going on in our lives but we don’t need to. This act of protecting her is a barrier that cause and reinforces separatedness. 

Let her in. Let her see you. Let her be there for you. Share the good stuff with her but also show her your vulnerabilities. Let her know when things are not going so well for you and you may be surprised at the support she shows you.

 If nothing else, just pay attention to your Mother this week. If she has passed on, then light a candle for her or just speak to her ❤️.

16th Feb. Half Moon.

You may have started down a path, taken a new project or decided a course of action for yourself. This week, if you happen to encounter an obstacle on this path, be assured that this is just the universe testing your commitment. It is the right path, the right choice and a hitch here is just a speed bump and not a call to either end it or to choose a different thing.

I’ve had some interesting conversations about obstacles recently. And there are two different schools of thought here. There is the beating the odds and get to big rewards thought and then there is the one where you take the path of least resistance. There are people on either extreme but for most of us life happens along the spectrum. Which side of the spectrum you veer towards is driven by your personality. Some obstacles are inevitable but if you enjoy a good challenge you will tend to find more and if you enjoy going with the flow, you will tend to miss most. Like with most things, the middle path is the one, because challenges help us grow. But too-many can mean chronic exhaustion and burn out and too few can mean stagnation. You will know your own sweet spot.

This week, the same applies. You can choose to overcome this by pushing through or by flowing around it but don’t give up at this stage. Rely instead on past experiences and decisions that worked and plough through this week.

Enjoy your week ❤️.

8th Feb. See.

The Eight of Cups suggests that there is some avoidance from your side. Maybe it’s a health issue that you are refusing to get treated hoping that it will go away on its own. Maybe it’s something to do with work or a relationship, maybe it’s to do with a repeating pattern in your life. Know that ignoring it will not make it go away and sooner or later you will have to confront it and resolve it.

Often when people ask us how we are, our automated response is to say everything is fine. Allow yourself to open up and say that’s it’s not all fine. You never know what piece of advice will set you on the right track for resolving the challenge you face.

Seek help, seek advice or just open up to the people who care about you. You don’t have to do this all alone. Sometimes just telling someone can give you immense relief and make you feel supported. 

25th Jan. Wait.

The message this week is to slow down and to take one step at a time. Resist the desire to go rushing into windmills. But also don’t procrastinate over the planing stage. Even if you are halfway there or have a general idea of the plan, allow yourself to start walking.

It may seem slow, it may seem boring, maybe you feel that it’s been too long and you are ready to give up. Don’t. Take this week to plod along and see what unfolds for you next month. This holds true for work as well as a relationship. Maybe the spark has been missing for a while but don’t give up, hang in there and instead make the first move for getting the spark back. 

Don’t fire anyone in your team or staff. Just wait a bit. This week just go with the tried and tested

Jan 18th. Movement.

This week you may find that you are in a stage of transition, it could be a physical step into the new and unknown or could be a spiritual step. Maybe it was an external circumstance that led to this movement or maybe you choose it. In either case, there is either angst or trepidation because we tend to find comfort in the familiar. Know that this transaction is for you to grow and develop and yet be kind to yourself while you learn to navigate the changes within and without.

It is natural to look back with nostalgia and even sadness, maybe there is a missing that you are experiencing. And it is true that even when it the situation wasn’t so great or a person that we wanted to get away from, when it is gone there is a missing of it. Know that even though it is natural, we need not feed it by dwelling on what is gone. Instead we can choose to look at what lies ahead.

The six of swords implies that there is a burden from the past that is being carried by you and it is time to reflect on the mental, emotional or even physical or financial baggage you may be carrying. Maybe it is thoughts and beliefs that need to be examined or maybe it’s some behavior that needs to be looked at. It is time to put down that burden because it isn’t serving you and a moments reflection will tell you that it isn’t serving it’s original purpose either. 

It time to decide what you want to carry forward and what you need to leave behind.

Jan 11th, 2021.

Happy 2021 ya’ll! How has the first week of this year been for you? 

Mine has been interesting – in the Chinese context of interesting! I have a shoulder injury which has required extensive physiotherapy so I’m floating about like a wounded soldier and I have to say that I’ve been whining frequently and vocally about it – healers really make the worst patients!

The card for this week is making me feel so much better though and it does seem like the right card to start the year with. The Page always comes with a message of hope, of newness and looking at the world with new eyes. The Pentacles are about the physical and material and can relate to the body as well. Expect something to open up this week, could be work, could be at home, could be financial or maybe you’ll do that handstand that you always wanted to do. Maybe something will change externally or your perspective on it will change. 

The Page looks at the world through the eyes of a child – with wonder and delight. Have you seen children reach out for what they want? There is no hesitation or thinking it through or even considering anyone else’s feelings, all this happens when we become adults. Have a goal or desire but don’t overthink it, just go after what you want without thinking of the what or how. In the picture, the page is holding her desire in her hands, which means that it is within reach!

2021 adds up to a number 5 so if the last year was about being stationary, this year will definitely see some movement as the number five vibrates with the energy of freedom and movement. Maybe it has already started for you? 

A quick note to let you know that bookings are open for the annual 2021 reading! It’s a longish reading which starts with the learning from 2020 then moves to what to expect from 2021 for work and finances, love and relationships, and home and health. 

Have a lovely week ❤

December 2020.

December comes with a sigh of relief, a desire to shed this invisible burden we have carried for so long, to just loosen up a little. If you have big plans for action at work or to even have some party action – do reconsider, as the cards call for some quiet time. But first, there is a need for some acknowledgement – to recognise it has been a tough year, it has been a lonely year, it has been a fearful year, and it has been far too long. The introspection also calls for us to perceive the gifts we have received but that comes later. First, it is important to have that rant with the universe. You can continue to be strong and brave, expressing what was tough for you need not take away from it. The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of things and it’s lovely to have all your blessings in that list but it is a disservice to not include the hurts and pains as well.

The Hermit is the main card for the month of December and it asks you to spend some time in introspection. The Hermit is not a bechara type of guy, he is the guy who has ascended the mountain. He’s been there, done that, bought himself the tshirt and is now taking time out to evaluate his next move. Nothing in the Hermit implies that there has been any wrong move or distress in his past. It’s a move of mastery to take this time out, to see how far you have come, to see the circumstances that brought you here and to know how you feel at this point in time. After all of this is done, comes the time to count your blessings. The end of the year is the perfect time for gratitude which is why Thanksgiving happens around this time.

The 5 of Pentacles does signify a time of hardship and strife but there is a big glowing light right upfront which says that the hardship was needed to get to the bright light. it is also a reminder to not be so focussed on the hardship that you miss the sanctuary right in front of you.

The last card is a spiritual message which is going to make you raise your brows. This one says that you may need to use some shortcuts to get what you want ie. ghee koh nikalne ke liye ungli tedi karni padegi :). Maybe you will be in a spot where your conscience will raise some questions for you. Maybe you will feel like what you are doing is manipulative or not exactly above board. In this case, follow the letter of the law and not the spirit. Don’t do anything illegal for sure but bend a little on your ideals and conscience for the greater good – yours or someone else’s.

It should be a chilled out month with low action and low demands. Strive to keep it that way is what the cards are saying.

I shall be chilling out too now for a month or so. I am available for personal readings and bookings are open for the personal annual reading for 2021. That’s a longish reading, takes about two hours. This one will start with the lessons and gifts of 2020 :).

See you next year and have a lovely December ❤

23rd Nov. Material things.

This week, you may feel like things are in place in the material front. Material is all that is touched and felt so it could be work and finance related or it could be home and hearth related. Maybe it’s a physical change in situation and circumstance which is making you feel that you have come home. Maybe nothing has changed but there is an easing up inside so it could be an emotional or energetic shift. It is possible that your family is coming through for you and that itself is providing you relief. Sometimes we are so close to the finish line that we can cruise along and take time to take in the scenery. That is the energy of this week – to feel that sense of accomplishment. To feel like you have enough. To know that there is enough and that you can put your feet up for a while.

While you are putting up your feet, you will have some mind space and the cards ask that you explore the surface of your mind. The cards also seek to remind you that you are the master of your mind and you can direct the path of your thoughts. Now that things are in place you may want to think about what your next steps should be or what you want to focus your attention on next. Pay attention to an older woman, a mentor or even your mother who may have some suggestions or insight for you. The invitation here is to open and expand your mind. To hold the reins when it comes to the mind versus getting lost in the labyrinth of your thoughts.

It’s not a coincidence that the card which relates to a cerebral mother has come up today. With the Healing the Mother Wound workshop around the corner, I suspect more of these cards will make an appearance. The four queens in the Tarot deck represent the four aspects of the Mother and we will be using them in the workshop at points of connection and insight. When we embark on our journey towards our mother, (it can be the most courageous thing one can do!), it is also the only path towards ourselves as we are borne from her flesh and blood and carry her wounds whether we want to or not. Join in as we explore the different aspects of the mother and make the movement towards her.

Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

We all go through feelings of inadequacy, of self-criticism, of shyness in expressing our sensuality. We have all felt the separateness of our being, of feeling alone and misunderstood. There is a voice in our head that tells us to not-do-this, not-be-that which prescribes our limits to us.

the mother wound

The mother wound is the collective wound of the feminine. It is the fear and the regret of our mothers and their mothers before them. Our relationship with our mother is also our relationship with her wounded self and it defines every relationship we will ever have.

Join me in this workshop which explores the mother wound and our relationship with the divine feminine.

5th and 6th Dec. 9.30 am – 1.30 pm.

Energy exchange is ₹3000.

Hope to see you there!

Love, D 

16th November

You may find yourself pulled in different directions this week. Maybe there will be different people clamouring for your attention. Maybe it’s two different opportunities that have come your way. Maybe you want to leave but you also want to stay.

Sometimes we are confronted with choices and we are not sure which one leads to our goals and desires. Sometimes the choice seems to be about the material versus the spiritual. This card is here to let you know that for the former, all choices will lead you to your goal. You can take the long way which may end up having less traffic or what feels like the precarious path could be a shortcut to your goal. In either case, you will reach your goal and long or short, whatever you need to grow will come to you, whoever you are supposed to meet you will meet. Both are good for you and if you are still wondering then just listen to your heart or flip a coin.

If it is about the material vs spiritual then know that there is no material, everything is spiritual. Last week’s message was about the spirituality of money. Everything is spiritual and it is only out judgement about ourselves and about it that comes in the way of that. Money or success or even love and desire may be earthly but think of them as tools to be as humane and as spiritual as you can be. So if I have money to hire a cook then I save time and can use that time to meditate – it’s a simplistic example but think about how it applies to you when confronted by the decision making.

The Page asks that you try a new perspective about whatever situation you are facing. Look at the duality of things and step back to see that there is no duality. Know that divergent paths finally lead to the same place.

Receiving. 9th Nov.

I love that this message comes a few days before Diwali. I have always thought that our relationship with Goddess Laxmi is somewhat complicated. We want to love her but allow ourselves only one day to fully embrace her. The rest of the days our love is compromised with feelings of guilt and undeservability.

Today’s message is about receiving and this is a topic which has so many layers that we can talk while about it. This post is but a thought starter, a reason to introspect about how you are at receiving.

Our relationship with receiving starts at the womb stage (sometimes even earlier, if you believe in reincarnation) and with our first relationship, that of our mothers. You may have heard stories of how it was when your mum was carrying you or stories of you as a baby. Think back to those stories or even ask your parents if they remember and think about how you received even then. Sometimes to-be-mothers have difficult pregnancies and there is a threat to the baby’s survival. What does the baby do then? Because if the baby takes too much then the mother may not survive and the baby’s survival in the womb is contingent upon the mother’s survival. So baby takes less and that is the baby’s first relationship with receiving – of taking less than what she needs – and that sets the tone for life. The cord around the neck is a common story and if you think about that, there is a physical challenge in receiving – even the drawing of breath is taking in a resource. We can shift the stories up to toddler stage and most of us will find a story that correlates with how life has come to us. Mine is me throwing milk down the drain and even though now I would be called ‘lactose-intolerant’, the question would be (and I totally relate to it) – why would I say no to receiving something nourishing? The card today urges you to think about what your receiving story is and how it relates to your first relationship.

The receiving story gets further complicated as we grow older and are exposed to concepts of guilt and shame, duty and obligation. We understand what greed is when we reach for the last cookie on the plate and have our knuckles rapped. We realise that there is an owing by us when we receive. We then start curbing ourselves and our impulses and learn to say no when we want to say yes. All of this sends out the energy of our beliefs into the universe and the universe returns to us what we believe.

At the base level, this week, just be open to receiving. Just as you open the doors of your home and light it up to receive the Goddess, open up yourself and light yourself with the pure energy of wanting to receive, without getting in the shadows of guilt and obligation or the fear of something being taken. And at the second level think about how you are with receiving, what your experience has been with receiving and what beliefs and energy you carry about receiving.

Have a super Happy Diwali <3.