Changing form

Hi There!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here. What was meant to be a short break for a couple of weeks has turned into something more permanent. For a while now I’ve been attempting to find a home for my art socially. Much introspection has made me realise I need to decide whether to be social about Tarot and Therapy or about Art because it is not in me to do both.

I continue to do personal sessions for both Tarot and Therapy but this space I am surrendering to the Art. This will have some posts – maybe one odd a month or even less – but they will be related to Art, to Life and maybe some spirituality – just not the readings.

I would of course love to have you stay and be part of this other journey with me but I totally understand if that isn’t your cup of tea and you choose to unsubscribe. If you are the former, then yayyyie – so happy to have you! and if you are the latter then my bestest wishes and hasta la vista.

Do note that I am and will continue to be a Therapist and Tarot Reader and you can reach me at +91 8459303602 for Readings and for Therapy sessions. Only the social handles are changing to the arty stuff.

See you on the other side of this 🙂

Love, D

Back with a difference

I’ve taken a rather long break this time, partly because I was doing a rather intense online course and partly because this hasn’t been working for me for a while. I’ve really been missing the interactivity that comes with a live reading and I’ve been feeling like I’m talking at people rather than to them😒.

So, I’m trying something different here now. Starting May I would like to invite you to a live reading, which I’m hoping to do the first Saturday or Sunday of every month. It’ll be on Zoom and I get to see people and have everyone’s energies in the mix. There will be space to ask for clarifications and/or go deeper into things that interest you. Maybe there will be space to ask some questions too! I’m not all decided what it’s going to be like but excited to see how it evolves!

There is more stuff that I want to add into the mix but I’ll hold it for the call. We’ll talk more there!

The first one is at 10.30 am on Saturday, 1st May!Send me a message if you’re keen to join and I shall send you the Zoom link.
See you soon!

8th March. Time.

This week ushers in some much needed energy of flow. It is a productive week but there is the energy of having enough time to breathe. If the last couple of months have been hectic for you, you will enjoy this week where things will fall into place without you needing to struggle or without you rushing for time.

Time is an interesting concept and it feels like this year it is going to be one of those things that we will be invited to pay attention to. You must have noticed how time expands and contracts according to your circumstance and state of being. What if it’s your state of being that is determining the passage of time. What if it can expand and contact according to your will. Experiment with the concept of expanding time when you feel like you need more. When you step out of home state your intent on arriving on time, even if you are running late. When doing a task try the same intent of finishing on time. Be open to it and experience your impact on time and tell me how it goes for you! If nothing else just observe or be aware of time.

It’s a good week to socialize and celebrate so relax and let work take the back seat for now.

Talk on Family Constellation

This is now scheduled for the coming Saturday. It is meant for those who are interested in Constellation work and for those who are already doing the work. The intent for this talk is to demystify some parts of the work and to know why we do the things we do during a session. We will cover the what and the why’s of it all here.

It is also about life and looking at life through a different lens. Whether you choose to do the work or not, a change in perspective can serve just as well.

We will definitely do an exercise and if possible maybe even open one constellation.

This is on 19th, Saturday, 10 am to 12 noon. It’s a free talk. Let me know so I can send the Zoom invite.

Looking forward to seeing you 💖

PS: Manifesting Abundance Vol. 2 is on Sunday 10.30 to 1ish.

Talk on Constellation

Apologies, something has come up for tomorrow and I won’t be able to do the talk on Family Constellation. I’ll re-schedule and post the details in a bit.

Manifesting Abundance Vol. I

The first in the Manifesting Abundance series starts 8th Aug. The plan is to do a series of online workshops over the next few months.

In the workshops we will do some practical stuff, some body work and some woo-woo stuff (because magic!).

This first one is at 11 am on Saturday, for an hour or so on Zoom. Energy exchange is 500/-.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

20th July – Weekly Reading

The Emperor brings with him the message of material stability, of having a solid base or feeling like you have stable ground beneath your feet. And that is what you will feel by the end of the week. There is however some work to do before you get there.

There were some pretty subtle shift in energy last week and I wonder if you felt the space in-between things last week? When this space gets created you know that there is something on the way to fill up that space. With the fresh lockdown there will be additional things to do I’m sure and while you are doing them, just pay attention to what needed your intervention. Some things just become blind spots for us and this is the universe’s way of showing us what needs to be seen.

Having said that, do be careful of not taking on more than you can chew. Whether it is work (includes cooking!) or learning or even a physical activity – there may be a desire to push yourself to do more than usual. The universe asks that you resist that desire and listen to your body when it says ‘enough‘. This week will keep you involved with the practical aspects of life so it is important to slot in some time for self-care and maybe just checking-in with yourself every now and then.

Early to mid-week, there may be something in the horizon that you can see, something that interests you and is maybe even calling out to you. Don’t rush headlong into it tough. It may be the right thing for you but it is better to take that wait and watch approach here. Take stock of the situation and of your resources and desires because diving in could mean a short term financial loss. So, if there is a new business opportunity or a move into a new house or even a reason to travel, just take a little time to evaluate and explore all options. It may be a good opportunity but either the timing is not right or there are some changes in circumstance that may happen to you or it could simply mean that with waiting you may have an even better offer. Don’t say no to anything but proceed slowly and/or with caution.

With the Emperor appearing in the latter part of the week, it may feel that things are coalescing and you will find yourself more certain, more grounded, more structured and you will feel quite in-charge of things (be careful though that you don’t slip into rigidity). You may find that you have a good solid plan going forward with a good handle on finances. The Emperor says that you have a healthy financial situation and you need to see it for what it is. Like the glass with water mid-way, is just midway water – not half full and not half empty. Don’t do any splurges but don’t hoard your finances either.

It’s a week of doing so take some time out to be. Every now and then a hand on your heart will keep you connected with yourself.

Weekly Reading – 13th July

In the dance of life sometimes we move towards our purpose and sometimes away from it. This is the dance of life, the sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways movement, because even when we are crystal clear about our purpose, the path is not a straight line and this shimmy and jiggy is part of the process. This week you may find yourself backing and forthing or you may be questioning your path and purpose. It is natural to question and it is important to question because how else will you course correct. The thing to know is that sometimes it is just the dance and nothing really needs correcting.

The second part of the message is the recognition and reward that comes with our quest. Sometimes the reward comes when we put in the effort and do the ‘good deeds’ and sometimes the reward comes pretty unexpectedly, while we are busy doing other things. Don’t mistake the lack of reward as an indicator of what you shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes there is a lag between your effort and reward and oftentimes when you surrender the effort, that’s when the reward comes pouring in. And sometimes the stars just need to align. There is nothing wrong with looking for outward appreciation for your efforts and you will receive them, just keep in mind that they may not appear as and when you expect them to.

Remember the dance and know that some things will whizz by when you are taking a dip and some things may splatter in your face if you are in the lead. And then there are times when you will be in perfect alignment and be able to catch all the rewards. None of us can be in perfect alignment all the time but all of us can enjoy the dance. And at some point, there will be applause and there will be accolades – stand tall and receive them with grace.

This week remember to enjoy the dance even as the applause flows to you.

Have a lovely week.

PS: I’m making some site changes this week so there may be some tech issues. In case you cannot access the site – next week it will be at 🙂

Learn Tarot with me

The other day someone asked me if I do readings for myself all the time and I felt a tad bit sheepish saying yes, yes I do. I can’t imagine life without my cards and it is true that sometimes I draw them for pretty frivolous stuff – the answer though is always insightful and often changes my perspective.

There is a lot to learn in Tarot and unlike Oracle cards it does need to be learnt, but the width and depth of the guidance they provide is astounding. Not surprising as they’ve been around for centuries. The Rider Waite deck itself is from the 1900s. It feels incredible that something with so much history is still used in modern times pretty much as is. The meanings and interpretations though have come a long way.

The online Tarot course is done with the Rider Waite deck as the meaning of the cards is based on the imagery of this deck. And this is the only requirement for the course. It’s a two-day workshop, 25th-26th July, 10 am -5 pm. The energy exchange is 5500/- if you sign up before the 10th of July.

In the course, you will learn how to read the cards and the different spreads and even learn to create your own. You will learn how to do readings for yourself and for others. And there will be exercises to develop your intuitive powers.

Write to me if you are keen to learn and please do forward to anyone who may be interested.

Here is what others have said about the course.

“I recently did a tarot reading course with Darpan which was so enriching and empowering.  I am grateful to her for opening me up to this modality. It has opened me up to another beautiful dimension of the universe. She said something at the beginning of the course, “ you didn’t choose the tarot but it chose you”, sheer magic. I believe in the magic of the cards even more now especially because of the way she helped me see it and guided me through the training. The course was very concise yet expansive of sorts. She came prepared each day with something new and exciting for us and by the end of the course, I feel so ready to offer this to others. Thank you so much Darpan for being such a beautiful coach.” Sheena, Singapore

“Darpan carries a sense of calm and peace that would draw any troubled soul seeking guidance. I have been following her blog and have done a Tarot course with her. She is generous with her knowledge, and learning from her was a beautiful experience for me.” Shilpa, Mumbai

PS: here is the reading for July

The universe has your back

If things don’t go right today, go left. Today’s card is a reminder that the universe has your back. When you don’t get what you want it’s because the universe has better things in store for you. When things don’t work out it’s because going that route wouldn’t have been good for you. If the internet isn’t working when you have that important call, it could be that the timing wasn’t right or the conversation wouldn’t have been.

Watch out for some synchronicity today and know that it is the universe is speaking to you. Look and listen to the signs that the universe is sending your way. If something isn’t working then don’t force it – wait for a bit or look at alternates. And trust that the universe is always working in your favour. 

Have an awesome day ❤

Little Red Riding Hood

We have all been victims of circumstance at some point or another. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over and we end up feeling helpless. Just keep in mind that a situation can make you feel helpless momentarily but that doesn’t mean that you have lost your power in any way.

Maybe you were mistreated and maybe you retreated to lick your wounds for a bit and that is perfectly all right. It is time now though to get back in touch with your inner Wolf. It’s time to show the world that you can bite back. Breathe in and let out your wolf cry as you become the hunter, not the hunted. The universe is lending you strength so make sure to breathe it in and lean on the universe if you need to. You are more powerful than you realise and you can walk through the forest fearlessly.

Have a howling good day.

PS: Keep a watch out for any wolf mentions today


Take some time today to connect with your heart. Figure out where and why it hurts and what needs mending. Do it not for the other but for yourself and keep in mind that closing your heart is never the answer.

Whether you stay or go in the relationship, don’t carry the burden of hurt or resentment. Express your feelings because shoving them inside will only cause them to implode. If you are the one in the wrong then don’t be afraid to apologise from your heart. It’s time to forgive, to release, to make peace, and to make amends. When we close ourselves to the one who hurts us we tend to close ourselves overall. The cycle of hurt and then withdrawal can become a trap. Open up and set yourself free.

Remember that true forgiveness starts with yourself so forgive yourself first and the rest becomes easier. 

Much love today. 

Ocean of Emotion

The element of water relates to our emotions and considering how much water we have in our body we can say we are pretty emotional beings. For some reason, we are conditioned to suppress our feelings, logic, reasoning and a stiff upper lip are what we are taught. It, in fact, makes so many people uncomfortable when others show their emotions.

To show your feelings is a pretty vulnerable process and it is one odd person whom you can be your emotional self but show you must else the ocean inside will overwhelm you. Have a safe place where you can talk about how you are feeling – this is important especially in the time we are in now. It is but natural to feel worried or anxious, cabin fever is a real thing and being cooped up can bring up all sorts of low feelings. And the retrograde doesn’t help either. It is also not okay to dismiss your feelings and convince yourself by false positivity (this positive thinking is another conditioning which should be reevaluated!).

The message today is that it is pretty important to look at your emotional self and pay attention to what is going on inside. The emotional play in your inner world you are feeling could be reflected in your outer world through aches and pains in your body, leaky taps in your house, internet issues, conflicts or even a rat showing up. Look into what is within and just sit with your emotions for a bit, if you can get a friend or a therapist to be with you while you sort through your emotional landscape, all the better. Do this for yourself today ❤

Nine of Cups

This is an unusual card to get during a retrograde but a perfect one to get after a solar eclipse. If you’ve been feeling the effect of the retrograde the past week then there will be a welcome change of pace now.

Some light will shine chasing away your shadows. You will find that things are falling into place today and the work that was stalled will get moving. You may find that you end the day feeling quite satisfied with where you are.