Just fly little bird.

The Dove swoops in today to give this lovely message for the week. Like the flight of the bird, in order to soar in life, you need to know when to flap your wings and when to let the wind carry you upwards. The Dove comes with the message of balance between doing and being.

The Dove is also a symbol of peace and love, which means that the time of strife and conflict is over, be it at work or in relationships. With Valentine’s day this week, the lovey-dovey feeling is also in the air and you may find yourself feeling soft and romantic.

It seems to be a calm week, a soft week so be sure to ease up else you may find yourself struggling. Let the universe be the wind that buffets you this week so you don’t need to flap your wings so much. Having said that, don’t just sit on the branch waiting for the wind to lift you, make the lift on your own and then let the wind help you soar.

Have a wonderful week ❤ and keep an eye out for Doves (btw, pigeons also belong to the Dove family)


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