Water has so much symbolism – our world is made up of water, we need water to live, water cleanses us, the moon responds to the ebb and flow of water and our emotions and psyche are symbolised by water.

The last week has been somewhat turmoil-y for some of us. It’s been more about not knowing what I’m feeling or why I’m feeling it rather than any definite feeling. Now with this card, it seems that it was just the newness of entering depths that have not been experienced before. You may get some dreams with the water element in them, write those down and after a few, you will see a pattern emerge.

The message from water is that these waters are deep but you are safe here and sometimes you need to traverse vast and deep waters to get to the other side. The depth of emotion can sometimes be scary and can feel overwhelming at times. Water is here to assure you that you will not drown, it will not be too overwhelming. Just take that step inwards into the vast ocean within and you will emerge unscathed. It is unchartered territory but you don’t have to explore all of it at once, you don’t have to get to the bottom in one go (don’t even try because it is bottomless!), just go for your first swim for now.

If you have been feeling the ebb and flow of emotions lately, it will ease up this week, it will also help if you allow yourself to feel the depth of emotion you are feeling. Don’t deny it, don’t be scared of it, just allow yourself to sink into it. Remember that we live in water in the womb and we emerge from water. This may just be the birth of a new baby you.

In more practical terms – drink more water today 🙂 and choose the path of least resistance and you will find a way (water always finds its way). Found these lines by Margaret Atwood….lovely aren’t they?!

“Water does not resist.
Water flows.
When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress.
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you.
But water always goes where it wants to go,
and nothing, in the end, can stand against it.
Water is patient.
Dripping water wears away a stone.
Remember that, my child.
Remember you are half water.
If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it.
Water does.”

Have a super lovely day ❤

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