I am not the same person I was yesterday.

I am not the same person I was yesterday and tomorrow I will not be the same person I am today. Every day is an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves but for some reason, we remain committed to who we used to be. Maybe it is a feeling of being stable or maybe it’s a sense of obligation, almost like one needs to apologise for changing.

Today’s card says that you are under no obligation to be the person you were before today. Maybe blue was your favourite colour yesterday but today it can be pink. Maybe yesterday you chose peace but today you want to be a warrior.

Don’t limit yourself to who you used to be and don’t be afraid to change to a different you. You can change in the next five minutes and you can change from one moment to the next. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event or something deep and meaningful for you to rise like the Phoenix. Any day, any time, is a good time.

It is said that we die every day when we sleep and it is a new us that is reborn in the morning. Use this day (and every day) to redefine and reinvent who you are. Give yourself permission to shed some skin and to allow some new growth to happen. And don’t worry if you don’t like the new you, you can always change again tomorrow.

Much love to the new you ❤

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