This week seems to have some disconnected messages and now that I think about it, it has been a strange week for me. There has been a yo-yo of emotions, feeling energised and exhausted, content and angsty. I wonder how it’s been for you?

Today’s message is to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts (I’m not sure I like this phrase actually and apologies to Greeks everywhere). The message is to look at the gift horse in the mouth (this feels better). If someone comes to you with a deal that looks good on paper, do the due diligence before committing to anything. If someone is suddenly being sweet and nice to you, don’t take that at face value, instead, ask what the person needs from you.

There is the energy of manipulation and deceit in the card and it would behoove you to be a bit careful today. I usually see the positive in most messages but today’s seems to be just this. Be wary today.


“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad”. Today you may experience that what your wisdom says is different from what your knowledge tells you. Sometimes we know stuff but the practical application of it may differ substantially. If you have a desire to show off your knowledge about something, curb that desire 😊.

Choose the path of wisdom today, the inner guide which tells you the right course of action. If in doubt, ask for a second opinion.


There is always a reason, there is always learning, there is always growth from any difficult life experience. This doesn’t mean that there is no discomfort or that sometimes there could be even trauma. This doesn’t mean that we should focus on only the growth or lesson. It is important to acknowledge the discomfort before we get to where it has led us.

There are many posts saying ‘you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home’ right now and though it’s a nice attempt at changing perspective it tends to dismiss the feeling of being stuck at home. Yes, we are safe at home but we are also stuck at home. To jump into all that’s good about being at home without acknowledging the stuck-ness, without addressing the longing for physical connection, without feeling the uncertainty of it would be jumping ahead without establishing a base first. 

This could be an exercise to do today. Write down all the emotions that come up for you about being in lockdown, write about the things that upset you or the discomfort you face, write the fears and anxieties which may lie under the surface for you. Connect with your body to feel what is going on inside. Don’t judge your feelings, just write them down. Then get on to step two and write at least 3 things you have learnt or things that have changed for the better for you or just gifts you have received due to the lockdown. 
It need not be about the lockdown, just about any experience which caused you discomfort. At the end of this, you are sure to feel much lighter. It’s also always good to know what the message from the universe is for you. If you’d like help doing this exercise call me and we can do the quick 20 min reading for it :).

10 of swords

The ten of Swords is not the nicest card in the Tarot deck with it’s rather uncomfortable imagery. The card is about ending which could be accompanied by a feeling of betrayal. It can mean a person or organization but right now I feel that this may be the betrayal we are feeling towards God, the divine or the universe.

It could be that you were just about ready to launch and the lockdown put a spanner in your plans. It could be that just the locked down feeling is making you mad. It could be that you are scared for some people. All these can be considered a betrayal because dammit the universe is supposed to be on our side.

Don’t stop yourself from expressing your annoyance to the universe. To the universe we are like toddlers and just like a toddler kicks and flails at her parents when mad, without fear of repercussions, we can do the same with the universe. Let it out, whatever you are feeling, say whatever you want to the universe and you will feel better for it.

With any kind of change (and this is a big one) we go through the five stages of grief. Because when things change something is been lost or ended. And anger is usually the first stage of the process. Allow yourself this in these troubling times.

Looking back.

You know what happens when you are looking back instead of where you are going!? Yup, you trip and fall! Or you stumble or at best you are not looking at where you are going. And you’re missing out on all the wonderful things that are happening around you.

This message is certainly for me for there is this thing that makes me just so sad and I do carry that sadness with me in the present. It doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be time to grieve because that is important too but that there is joy in the present too and both can coexist.

The message from the card today is to not discard or disregard your feelings but to be aware that there are things in the present that are being ignored because your attention is somewhere else. These are wonderful, beautiful instances, and people who are there in the present and they deserve your attention.

the unending sadness of Looking back, lucy cavendish, shapeshifter oracle.

The past cannot be changed and there are memories that may make you feel sad on and off for the rest of your life, that is natural. What isn’t natural is your living in the past and letting that past interfere with your now, your today and your tomorrows.

If you find that there is an inner child from your past that reacts adversely to what may be good for you, you could try talking to and soothing that inner child or you could seek help, because ignoring that inner child is not a good option. The child must be seen and heard in order for you to move forward. I’m consciously not using the word move-on because that seems like I’m leaving something behind and I would like to take all of me, with me as I move forward. I just wouldn’t want it to be a burden.

Keep your awareness on what of the past comes up for you today. What makes you sad or angry or disappointed and take a deeper look at it because it is something that is crying out for your attention. Be gentle with yourself while doing this because harshness or impatience will on subdue and suppress this part of you and it may come back up in untimely or unexpected ways. 

Much love today ❤

*This is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck by Lucy Cavendish

*Reading for November 2019

Message from the Birds.

I’ve been watching birds lined up on the power cable outside my house for the past few days (it did remind me of the Hitchcock movie! remember that one?) but it didn’t occur to me to search for the message behind it, and now this card with a message from the birds!

message from the birds, what is the meaning of seeing many birds

Birds represent a lot of activity and energy, as they are constantly flitting from here to there and also seem to do everything at a hyperspeed (unless sitting on the cable, of course 🙂 ). They are also quite people-shy and fly away super quick. These hyper, nervous-energy birds come with the message that you may find yourself feeling a nervous excitement, or a restlessness today. It may feel like you cannot sit at one place and need to keep moving. It could be that something is happening during the day with is making you behave this way or it may be that you are just feeling it without knowing why. If it is the latter then just know that it is the energy of the day and there is nothing to worry about.

Birds also seem like they are chattering all the time and it may be that there is potential for an excited conversation or get together with noise and excitement. If the chatter is in your head, give voice to your inner chatter and speak out loud to yourself. If may seem crazy but if there is something bubbling up inside then let it out now rather than wait till you can share it with someone. Many things are lost when we wait for the right time or the right person to come along.

Let yourself be excited and upbeat today. Indulge in some frivolous conversations. Be light and happy. Be airy and giddy if you feel like it. It doesn’t always have to be serious and meaningful, just be flitty and flighty and enjoy it.


Have you noticed when someone comes and whispers the word secret to us, we find ourselves curious and drawn to find out what that secret is? Sometimes we feel the urge to go tell our secrets to others because we simply can’t keep them in (my sister would get a stomach ache when we were young because she couldn’t hold in anything!) Some of us are good at keeping secrets – our own and others as well and some of us believe in living a life with none so we spill them out heedlessly.

secrets oracle of mystical moments

There is a sacred place though within us where our deepest truth resides. A place which is as mysterious to us as it would be to others. It is up to us how much of that truth we want to share. We have the power and the right to decide when and what and with whom we want to share how much of ourselves. Living a life of truth doesn’t mean that we need to share all our mysteries with everyone. Sometimes a little mystery keeps the magic alive.

If you are in a place where you feel obliged to tell a secret – yours or the others – restrain yourself because speaking it out will be detrimental to all concerned. For the other, a secret is told in confidence and even though you may think it is too much of a burden to bear, remember that it is, in fact, not your burden, and all the thoughts and emotions that come along with it are not yours to bear. You can choose to tuck it away into a box, not within, but somewhere far away like Timbuktoo. Try that and it may work.

If the secret is yours and you feel an obligation to speak it out in the spirit of honesty then remind yourself that your secrets are your own and a lie is very different from a secret. Keep some mystery with yourself, keep some thoughts and ideas with yourself, keep some secrets with yourself.

If someone comes to you bearing a secret, remember that you have the choice whether to listen to it or not. You can always say no but if you say yes then you need to keep it.

Much love.


Such a lovely message to follow yesterday’s card. Let go the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love. You may find yourself looking at people and things differently today. The same action and the same words can have a totally different meaning depending on which perspective it is seen with.

the universe has your back, gabrielle bernstein

We all change as we grow and as time passes. We learn from our mistakes and we all try to be better people than we were yesterday. There are things we have done in the past that we all regret and wish we could do them over. Keep this in mind for the person who may have hurt you in the past. Maybe the person is giving a tentative knock on your door and it is up to you to open the door or not. Choose to open the door with an open heart and open mind. Give the person a chance and see and hear the person out.

This change in perspective is not for the other but for yourself. Today’s message is to see beyond the obvious and to not be wedded to your past perspectives.


Something you thought was done and over with will make a resurrection in your life today or this week. It may be that an old relationship or friendship will be rekindled. It may be that you get a call from an ex-boss or ex-workplace. It may be that an old project comes back to life. It could also be an old aspect of you which wants to resurface.

 the golden phoenix, oracle of shapeshifters

Maybe you used to paint or sing a long time ago and that urge may show up. Maybe you used to be more spontaneous and that’s coming up for you. Whatever it is, let it come.

The Phoenix is about rising from the ashes and whatever it is that is coming back to life right now is good for you.

If it’s you yourself that is coming back to life, then be proud of yourself and also be really gentle with yourself.

Much love.


Binah is the flow of light that pours into the world, a candle whose flame can light another without diminishing its own. Binah is akin to shakti – it is the fire that animates, gives birth to, creates. Without Shakti, Shiva is inanimate and when the two are united, life is created.

Binah angel message, angelarium

The third eye chakra is where shiva and shakti meet. Shiva is about consciousness and contemplation and Shakti is about the material. Binah is intuitive understanding but not just understanding for the sake of wisdom but understanding with a purpose. She is the pure point of light that hits the mirror, increasing and multiplying it in infinitesimal ways. This is known as davar mitoch davar – understanding one idea from another idea

Her message today is to understand that understanding must be with a purpose. You can understand a concept but what you do with it is really important. When we understand something but leave it at a mental level, that is at the Shiva level, at an inanimate level (which is not to say it isn’t important) bu to give it life, to create more ideas from an idea, is when Shakti comes into the picture and that is when creation happens.

This may seem esoteric so here’s a simple example here. If I understand that plastic is bad for the environment but continue to use plastic then it is at a mental-understanding level. Only when I start carrying my own bags and say no to using plastic does it become purposeful understanding.

Binah is asking you to figure out the things that you understand at the concept level but haven’t taken them forward to the action level and maybe it is time to take that purposeful action. This may be about an earth-nature- environment – maybe think about what you already know and what action would be possible to take. Or it could be something about yourself – that which you understand about yourself but haven’t yet taken the purposeful step.

It could also be about life purpose. You may have a vague idea of what your life purpose is and may not have put it in language and it is time to do it. Life purpose is an evolving thing and it doesn’t have to be the same as what it was, all your life. It may be something that you could revisit now and understand if it still fits with who you are today. Whatever it is for you remember to not leave it at the mind level and make it purposeful.

Enjoy an introspective day <3.

Seasons of the heart.

All things in the universe are follow their own cycles and rhythms, day follows night and the seasons change with regularity. We know this and we prepare accordingly, knowing that the warmies need to be out before the winter months. For some reason when these cycles and rhythms play out in our personal lives we are taken aback and we resist them, causing ourselves distress. The same goes for relationships as well – there are times of bloom and there are times of fallow and each season brings with it its own gifts.

seasons of the heart, toni salerno, wisdom of the golden path

Today’s message is to pay attention to this rhythm in your life, to be aware of the the ups and downs in life and in relationships, to understand which season is playing out right now for you and to know that this too will change with time.

We may want the good times to last forever but they can’t, because after a while even if nothing changes, they will cease to be good. We may want the rosy glow of new love to stay but it gets replaced by deep intimacy – and that is the gift of change.

If you are going through not-so-good times, just wait, this too shall pass. If your relationship feels like it’s changing, give it time to evolve to something different. Understand that resistance causes chaos and upheaval. If you have that energy around you, figure out what you are resisting and why. Because it’s just the changing season.

Spinning threads.

The past is calling out to you today and this week. It is calling to be cleared, to be released and for the beauty and power of the past to be claimed in the present moment, woven together like precious rare silk. All the experiences, mistakes, adventures and successes of the past give us the wisdom and fortitude to make our present delightful.

Spin the silken thread quan yin oracle alana fairchild. todays tarot reading.

It is said that in order to learn how to ride a horse well, you should fall down at least seven times. After the seventh fall, falling is so commonplace that there is no longer any fear of falling. Without that fear is when you really learn to ride. The same is true of failing, fail and fail again, till there is no fear of failure and then success can embrace you fully. The worst mistakes you may have made in the past, the ones you judge or blame yourself for, the ones that you find impossible to let go of, those were just part of the learning curve of life.

This is a call to empty yourself of the emotional baggage of the past and take forward with you, the gifts, the talents, the skills and the wisdom to step into the new cycle that is beckoning you forward. It may not have worked out in the past when you offered your gifts to the world but you must not stop yourself from putting them out over and over again. Learn from the past but don’t let it hold you back, don’t let it make you withdraw.

Think about what you want to weave into the present-future, it can be a new way of thinking and being, it can be your talents and skills, it can be your new found wisdom, and weave that in. Release the pain and shame and blame and judgement, that is preventing you from living up to your true potential. You can try visualising this – weave in what you want from the past, as you weave it in let fall the all the baggage that you don’t need till a lovely silken thread emerges. Use this thread to start creating the pattern you want and let what is falling go to the bin. Deep breaths and out. Tell me how it goes for you.

Have a beautiful week.


There may be a wondering at the back of your mind, something that comes up every once in a while that gets dismissed by you or something else takes precedence. Maybe you have not been able to articulate the question or maybe you even sought answers but didn’t really get anywhere. There is a time for knowing and that time has come today. And with all such things, it will happen in a most innocuous setting (shower epiphanies are just so awesome) so you don’t have to do anything nor worry that it will pass you by.

A blessing for clarity lucy cavendish

Sometimes people give us advice and sound as it may be, unless you feel that knowing within, it really doesn’t do any good. We have collections of ideas given to us by our parents, friends, school, and we see the world through their filters. May there be a shedding of ideas and beliefs that don’t belong to you so you can see your answers clearly.

This blessing comes from within – for you to know your true north and to follow your purpose. The path is not always a straight line, it follows many twists and turns, often it circles back to where we started. The thing to remember is that even though it’s ground zero, you are not. You have learnt and have grown so even though it may seem like you’ve been here before, you have much better tools in your arsenal and it won’t be the same.

In the twists and turns of the path, you may need to do certain things to get to your true calling. Sometimes you need to do X to get to Y – it doesn’t mean that X is your path, it is just a stepping stone in your path. Call it some practical examinations that you need to clear so that you can get to the next grade. Don’t get lost in them though and keep the end goal in mind even as you meander your way forward. There is much to gain with this meandering and it is necessary for the next part of your journey.

Blessed be.

Lost in your own equations.

We often weigh our lives on the basis of expectations – our own expectations and sometimes others. We weigh ourselves too and many a time come up short. And then we wait – for this to happen or that to happen so we can take the next step. We wait for us to be ready, to accumulate enough knowledge or experience, wait for things to be right, for things to change. This kind of control is not possible to sustain in life.

Lost in your own equations, Toni carmine salerno

For projects, follow the 80-20 rule and if you are 80% there then just go ahead with whatever you are waiting to do because nobody is ever 100% ready. By waiting and by overthinking it you might just miss the boat.

For life, get out of your thoughts and do it now, without waiting another minute. Don’t wait for something to be happy, don’t wait to lose weight to wear that dress or to have more money to take that trip. You can think of some creative ways to work things out if you want but just don’t get lost in your head.

You can be waiting for the universe to set things in a particular manner but what if the universe is waiting for you? You may be waiting for the right moment but what if the right moment can happen only after you take the first step.

Step out of your head and into life today ❤️.


Today is a day for communication and communicating. Not the lighthearted chat or even airy gossip but a proper communication. This could mean an email or any other written communication. This could mean a formal conversation like an interview or a review. It could mean some legal paperwork or news that you have been waiting for, to come to you.

It could be news of a promotion or a bonus letter (fingers crossed). It could be a declaration of love. It could also mean that it is time for you to use the formal communication route. If you have your own business then try some flyers or advertising instead of just relying on word of mouth.

When it comes to formal communication we often prepare ourselves for the worst. We expect to be challenged and we have our defences ready. It is could to be prepared and to have thought through things so well that you have the counter-arguments ready, however, when we enter into a meeting with our defences in place, it creates a barrier to good communication.

The message for those who are going in for a review, interview or formal meeting, is to lower your shields. The other reacts to the energy of defensiveness. Many a time we may wonder why people are attacking us, whereas, it may be that we are shielding ourselves so strongly that even the slightest knock on our defences feels like an attack.

Today, if you find that someone is challenging you – first ask yourself, are they challenging you or your ideas? Is the challenge personal or is the person working towards a common goal? Is there a new direction to be explored? Is your ego coming in the way of a harmonious solution?

Have an awesome Tuesday!