Looking back.

You know what happens when you are looking back instead of where you are going!? Yup, you trip and fall! Or you stumble or at best you are not looking at where you are going. And you’re missing out on all the wonderful things that are happening around you.

This message is certainly for me for there is this thing that makes me just so sad and I do carry that sadness with me in the present. It doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be time to grieve because that is important too but that there is joy in the present too and both can coexist.

The message from the card today is to not discard or disregard your feelings but to be aware that there are things in the present that are being ignored because your attention is somewhere else. These are wonderful, beautiful instances, and people who are there in the present and they deserve your attention.

the unending sadness of Looking back, lucy cavendish, shapeshifter oracle.

The past cannot be changed and there are memories that may make you feel sad on and off for the rest of your life, that is natural. What isn’t natural is your living in the past and letting that past interfere with your now, your today and your tomorrows.

If you find that there is an inner child from your past that reacts adversely to what may be good for you, you could try talking to and soothing that inner child or you could seek help, because ignoring that inner child is not a good option. The child must be seen and heard in order for you to move forward. I’m consciously not using the word move-on because that seems like I’m leaving something behind and I would like to take all of me, with me as I move forward. I just wouldn’t want it to be a burden.

Keep your awareness on what of the past comes up for you today. What makes you sad or angry or disappointed and take a deeper look at it because it is something that is crying out for your attention. Be gentle with yourself while doing this because harshness or impatience will on subdue and suppress this part of you and it may come back up in untimely or unexpected ways. 

Much love today ❤

*This is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck by Lucy Cavendish

*Reading for November 2019

Message from the Birds.

I’ve been watching birds lined up on the power cable outside my house for the past few days (it did remind me of the Hitchcock movie! remember that one?) but it didn’t occur to me to search for the message behind it, and now this card with a message from the birds!

message from the birds, what is the meaning of seeing many birds

Birds represent a lot of activity and energy, as they are constantly flitting from here to there and also seem to do everything at a hyperspeed (unless sitting on the cable, of course 🙂 ). They are also quite people-shy and fly away super quick. These hyper, nervous-energy birds come with the message that you may find yourself feeling a nervous excitement, or a restlessness today. It may feel like you cannot sit at one place and need to keep moving. It could be that something is happening during the day with is making you behave this way or it may be that you are just feeling it without knowing why. If it is the latter then just know that it is the energy of the day and there is nothing to worry about.

Birds also seem like they are chattering all the time and it may be that there is potential for an excited conversation or get together with noise and excitement. If the chatter is in your head, give voice to your inner chatter and speak out loud to yourself. If may seem crazy but if there is something bubbling up inside then let it out now rather than wait till you can share it with someone. Many things are lost when we wait for the right time or the right person to come along.

Let yourself be excited and upbeat today. Indulge in some frivolous conversations. Be light and happy. Be airy and giddy if you feel like it. It doesn’t always have to be serious and meaningful, just be flitty and flighty and enjoy it.

Message from the Turkey.

The Turkey is a symbol of blessings, abundance and of gratitude. For the Turkey, these – blessings, abundance and gratitude – are all interlinked and the Turkey would like you to spend some time seeing and acknowledging the interplay of all three in your life.

message from the turkey

Turkey encourages you to celebrate your blessings in the form of resources that nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and to remember to give thanks where it is due, whichever shape or form it takes. The Turkey is about family and friends sitting together and giving thanks, for each other and for the abundance they have received.

The message is to unlock the richness of your life and invite more blessings in by appreciating everything. It asks that you focus not only on the material but on the emotional and spiritual blessings you have received. It asks you to thank not only what you have received but also what you haven’t lost. It asks that you observe the relationship between giving and receiving for yourself.

Expect to receive some blessings and abundance today <3.

*I am on a break till 10th October and I have not managed the October reading so far. So… no monthly reading this month and I shall see you back here on the 10th.

Message from the Magpie.

Magpies are highly intelligent birds, one of the few able to recognise themselves in the mirror. They are rebellious in nature and have a real fancy for shiny objects.

There are a few messages that the Magpie brings. The first is to look in the mirror and see your true self. The self that is a truly magnificent beast. The self that can do anything and everything, it just needs belief and faith. The self that has immense talent which just needs exploring. It is not about showcasing this to the world but about bringing it forth for yourself.

The second message is to let out your rebellious self. Rebel, not for the sake of rebellion, but for being your authentic self. This is a reminder to not conform just because it’s expected, nor to do it for a false sense of belonging.

The last message from the Magpie is to remember that all that glitters is not gold and that shiny piece of something that looks so attractive to you now may not be worth the price you pay. If there is something you have been hankering after, maybe it’s time to let it go because it won’t be what you expect it to be.

Have a lovely week 💕.

Message from the Finch.

What a lovely message to start the week with. The Finch symbolises joy and optimism, this tiny vibrant bird adds so much life into the garden, flitting from here to there and expressing itself joyfully and vocally.

This should be an upbeat week, with you flitting from here to there, with ample opportunity to sing your song. The message is to be vocal about what makes you happy – well, first to be aware of what it is that uplifts your spirit and then going after it.

You may find yourself more social this week and it’s a good time to be more outgoing than usual. Life is about ups and downs and just like we give the downs there due importance, we must bounce back really quick when the ups come our way. Seize the day, seize the moment of happiness when it comes your way and sometimes make time for yourself to be happy doing the things that give you that spark of joy.

Surround yourself with colour and simple joys today and all this week and keep an eye out for some colourful birds.

Message from the Crow.

There are a lot of misconceptions about crows and as they’re not exactly pretty to look at we try to keep our attention from them. It is true that crows are associated with mysticism and it is true that they are rather mystical beings but it is not in the negative sense.

Crows are said to be messengers from the spiritual realm to the physical. They do sometimes come with a warning for us – which is another reason they are looked at negatively. But they come to tell us to be careful and to protect us the best they can. So, if a crow calls your attention then know that the divine is watching over you today.

lucy cavendish, blessed be, message from crow,

This of course means that you need some safeguarding. Just be careful today. Drive slow and don’t run any lights. The divine is watching over you but you can help along by being aware and conscious today. If you are stepping out of the house and you hear a crow caw, then wait for 5 minutes and then leave.

Crows are also messengers from the other side – think of it as a hello from heaven. If you have someone on the other side that you think of often, this is a hello from them. You can pass a message back through the crow as well.

Have a blessed day ❤

The Lion.

The Lion spirit walks with you today so walk with courage and confidence. Today may be the day where you need to assert yourself and lead a discussion or project. Be brave, be outspoken, let your roar be heard.

Nothing here asks you to be harsh or aggressive but to be assertive and put your point across with confidence.

Pay attention to your posture, make sure your shoulders are straight and pulled back and your head is held high (we all need this reminder every now and then!). Make your strides bigger – maybe even practice in front of the mirror – and you will find that you feel more confident and in-control. Breathe in that feeling before you step out of the house today.

Hold your ground and speak your truth today. Oh and keep a watch out for any Lion related signs ❤ .

PS: I’m reminded of the Katy Perry song Roar – hehe, I so like it.

Message from the Unicorn.

The Unicorn’s horn is at the centre of his forehead, right where the third eye is and this is the message from the Unicorn – you know more than you think you know, you can see, hear, smell so much better than you think. You have an inner compass that always shows you your true north and these senses are getting more and more enhanced for you.

Fiona and the unicorn, shapeshifter deck, lucy cavendish

It is time to pay attention to these senses. Like with every muscle this muscle also needs to be exercised. Highly talented and highly successful people will tell you that they always listen to their gut. Developing this sense will only mean that you get better, much much better, at what you do, no matter what it is.

There are some exercises that you can do to power up your third eye. This I found on the net https://intuitivesoulsblog.com/third-eye/ (I really enjoyed the first two exercises – so easy!) and here’s a yoga one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMQGC7eh1sI . Do very little initially and then build up. There are many such on the net so see which ones work for you.

This is not so much a spiritual practice (though it could be one) but rather a life enhancing one. Expect clarity, focus and direction. The Unicorn is here to let you know that this skill will be needed by you in the near future or that this will create the future you need to be in and she’s here walking the path with you. If you see a horse or a picture of a horse or there is talk about horses (or unicorns) you’ll know that she’s sending a Hi to you. You can say Hi back and even ask for a name. Trust that your third eye is open enough for you to know the name. You may have a feeling about the name rather than hearing a name. If you’ve been feeling something in the eyes, itching, blurriness, strain, or even headachy, then this message is especially for you.

Have an awesome day ❤

Message from the fish.

Another message of abundance for this week- how awesome is that! How was last week for you? Did you notice what all happened? Was it a busy week? I sold a couple of paintings last week which is not something that happens all that often so am quite delighted to receive another abundance message.

The fish symbolizes fertility, creativity, good luck, and abundance. The fish itself symbolises the water element which is all about emotions and feelings (and all the other fish symbolism), and it represents the deeper awareness of the unconsciousness or higher self. Expect to have a spate of good luck and more of everything but do be aware of what this more is doing to you emotionally and spiritually.

If you love water or have an affinity with water creatures, then this message is amplified for you. It is time for you to allow your yin side to take the lead. This week, go with the flow, be creative, be receptive, ease up and enjoy what you do (or do what you enjoy) but also be aware of what comes up for you emotionally. You may think that a random tiff has nothing to do with your ability to receive but when things happen around the same time they are connected. A lot of us usually have something not so good happen when lots of good things are happening and we say ah well, can’t have everything or chalo, nazar nahi lage :D. These are not random occurrences, this is our capacity to receive and most of us have trouble receiving fully and till we are full.

The watch out message that comes with this card is related to what happens to you when good things happen? Observe yourself and your body. Too much water can be a deluge and it can cause feelings of overwhelm. Btw, I am sitting with a fractured finger so I definitely have some of that overwhelm happening. It also tells me how I react to good stuff happening. So watch out for the overwhelm or anything else that comes up for you. Mostly, it’s not about doing anything about it or feeling bad about yourself, just being aware of it makes it far easier.

Have an awesome week ❤

Black cat.

First Black diamond then Black cat – I’m wondering what this blackness is about? One thing is for sure that Kali is riding this energy for me. It’s been a while for me, experiencing Kali in this way, and considering she is my favourite goddess, I am just so happy she’s making her presence felt. Any thoughts on the blackness from your side?

It may be that you are bored or lonely, feeling flat or empty, maybe you are even indulging in a pity party. This feeling has been around for a while now and it is time for you to turn your eyes to it because ignoring it is not going to make it go away. Harsh words may have been spoken, a friendship may have broken, some hurts may be lingering and you may be feeling rather sorry for yourself. Take time to understand how this feeling came about and also understand that it couldn’t have happened without some contribution from your side.

This is not about assigning blame but about seeing clearly the part you have played. When we acknowledge our part in any situation we give it a chance to heal and to renew a relationship. When we acknowledge our part in it we know which relationships to walk away from and which ones to make amends with. This is not just about seeing what happened but digging deeper to recognise what triggered it? What is that feeling that makes me switch off? What is that pattern that keeps repeating for me? And what is my contribution to it?

The black cat comes with the message of atonement, of rebalancing your energies and of reclaiming lost magic. Magic thrives in love and joy, in openness and balance. Don’t shut yourself down because of a bad experience. Don’t isolate yourself because you are mad at one person. Don’t hesitate to enter into a new relationship because you have been hurt before.

If you see a cat today, know that the universe is sending you some magic ❤

Yesterday’s reading here

The Falcon.

I love this image of the Falcon soaring up in the sky. It feels like the sun is aiding its flight and if you look closely there is an eye of horus within the sun. The imagery and symbolism in this card is just so powerful and uplifting that I’m feeling the surge, even as I write this post.

The message today is of soaring to great heights with what you feel passionate about. Both the Falcon and the Eye of Horus convey that you are safe and protected so don’t be afraid to take that leap into flight.

The Falcon asks you to stay true to your passion and to take action to make it happen. If you’ve been feeling dejected or at a loss about which direction to take, then try and look at it from a different perspective. Or you could try shaking things up and let go the reins of control to see what emerges. There is great creativity that can emerge in chaos. Try throwing all the pieces in the air and then see what emerges when they land. A big part of following your passion is to become aware of your relationship with chaos and maybe look at it with different eyes. And to not be afraid because the Falcon has your back and is helping you navigate this path.

If you have a project on the anvil then be assured that it is going to work out for you. Channel your energy into getting the various parts into place rather than in doubt or nervousness because success will be yours.

Have an awesome day ❤

Full Moon in Leo.

If you are stuck in a deadlock with someone or about something, ask yourself if it is pride or ego that is getting in the way of an acceptable solution and making you dig in your heels more than normal?

The cards ask you to work towards resolving this dilemma, to keep your focus on what is good for you and what is good for all involved. To not let pride get in the way of your heart. You may say that “I’m doing what was done to me”, switch that around to “I’m gonna do what I want done to me”. Release pride, release ego-based thinking and judge by your heart.

Many times we operate from the ego to hurt the other person (because we have been hurt as well), but the wound goes both ways and we end up hurting ourselves yet again. Think about yourself and do everything you can to prevent hurting yourself.

Leo, the lion, is a magnificent being but sometimes when the heart is hurt, the lion flips from being magnificent to prideful. Sometimes when the lion starts thinking about what others are thinking (the nebulous “they“), he loses focus on what’s important.

Have a lovely day ❤

Message from the Scorpion.

For such a small animal, we sure give the Scorpion a great deal of berth. This is because the scorpion knows how to protect itself and it’s territory. It doesn’t attack first, just defends itself and it’s own. The scorpion comes with this potent message for you to protect yourself and what is yours, even if it means stinging a few people along the way.

This also relates to the release post earlier this week. Scorpion symbolism says it is time to rid yourself of toxic people and toxic situations in your life – this includes old and unnecessary baggage (just think of the stink of old garbage and you will be ready to put away old baggage). And it means that you need to have some boundaries in place. Think about what you are allowing into your space and into your energy.

It can be physical time or physical space, which can be a big drain on your energy and also on productivity – you could be doing something more with that time and space. It could also be emotional which can be especially draining. We all have that drama queen/king friend in our lives and it’s good to lend a listening ear and help out a friend but it is also good to have boundaries.

Sometimes it’s best for all involved if you take a step back. Let go the need to be the nice guy and if you can’t help but feel bad for someone – start with yourself first.

This also means getting rid of objects that are taking space and/or cluttering up your home (connecting this to yesterday’s message as well). If you have a garden at home, that’s another sign about what’s going on with you. Parasites in your garden will mean that you are allowing people to prey on you. Entangled plants tell you that there is too much outside influence and interference in your world.

An additional message from the Scorpion is of rebirth. The Scorpion spirit guide wants you to know that she is with you during this process of rebirth (when you shed the old and the toxic and emerge anew). You may feel alone and even as that is part of the process, the scorpion is with you. If you still need a boost, call upon the scorpion for help.

Have an awesome weekend ❤


Water has so much symbolism – our world is made up of water, we need water to live, water cleanses us, the moon responds to the ebb and flow of water and our emotions and psyche are symbolised by water.

The last week has been somewhat turmoil-y for some of us. It’s been more about not knowing what I’m feeling or why I’m feeling it rather than any definite feeling. Now with this card, it seems that it was just the newness of entering depths that have not been experienced before. You may get some dreams with the water element in them, write those down and after a few, you will see a pattern emerge.

The message from water is that these waters are deep but you are safe here and sometimes you need to traverse vast and deep waters to get to the other side. The depth of emotion can sometimes be scary and can feel overwhelming at times. Water is here to assure you that you will not drown, it will not be too overwhelming. Just take that step inwards into the vast ocean within and you will emerge unscathed. It is unchartered territory but you don’t have to explore all of it at once, you don’t have to get to the bottom in one go (don’t even try because it is bottomless!), just go for your first swim for now.

If you have been feeling the ebb and flow of emotions lately, it will ease up this week, it will also help if you allow yourself to feel the depth of emotion you are feeling. Don’t deny it, don’t be scared of it, just allow yourself to sink into it. Remember that we live in water in the womb and we emerge from water. This may just be the birth of a new baby you.

In more practical terms – drink more water today 🙂 and choose the path of least resistance and you will find a way (water always finds its way). Found these lines by Margaret Atwood….lovely aren’t they?!

“Water does not resist.
Water flows.
When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress.
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you.
But water always goes where it wants to go,
and nothing, in the end, can stand against it.
Water is patient.
Dripping water wears away a stone.
Remember that, my child.
Remember you are half water.
If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it.
Water does.”

Have a super lovely day ❤

Just fly little bird.

The Dove swoops in today to give this lovely message for the week. Like the flight of the bird, in order to soar in life, you need to know when to flap your wings and when to let the wind carry you upwards. The Dove comes with the message of balance between doing and being.

The Dove is also a symbol of peace and love, which means that the time of strife and conflict is over, be it at work or in relationships. With Valentine’s day this week, the lovey-dovey feeling is also in the air and you may find yourself feeling soft and romantic.

It seems to be a calm week, a soft week so be sure to ease up else you may find yourself struggling. Let the universe be the wind that buffets you this week so you don’t need to flap your wings so much. Having said that, don’t just sit on the branch waiting for the wind to lift you, make the lift on your own and then let the wind help you soar.

Have a wonderful week ❤ and keep an eye out for Doves (btw, pigeons also belong to the Dove family)