Message from the Birds.

I’ve been watching birds lined up on the power cable outside my house for the past few days (it did remind me of the Hitchcock movie! remember that one?) but it didn’t occur to me to search for the message behind it, and now this card with a message from the birds!

message from the birds, what is the meaning of seeing many birds

Birds represent a lot of activity and energy, as they are constantly flitting from here to there and also seem to do everything at a hyperspeed (unless sitting on the cable, of course 🙂 ). They are also quite people-shy and fly away super quick. These hyper, nervous-energy birds come with the message that you may find yourself feeling a nervous excitement, or a restlessness today. It may feel like you cannot sit at one place and need to keep moving. It could be that something is happening during the day with is making you behave this way or it may be that you are just feeling it without knowing why. If it is the latter then just know that it is the energy of the day and there is nothing to worry about.

Birds also seem like they are chattering all the time and it may be that there is potential for an excited conversation or get together with noise and excitement. If the chatter is in your head, give voice to your inner chatter and speak out loud to yourself. If may seem crazy but if there is something bubbling up inside then let it out now rather than wait till you can share it with someone. Many things are lost when we wait for the right time or the right person to come along.

Let yourself be excited and upbeat today. Indulge in some frivolous conversations. Be light and happy. Be airy and giddy if you feel like it. It doesn’t always have to be serious and meaningful, just be flitty and flighty and enjoy it.


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