The power of your voice.

The card today wants to call your attention to the incredible power of your voice. Your voice is a powerful instrument and like all instruments of power, it can be used to cut or to soothe, to destroy or to heal. You get to choose its power and its intent.

the power of your voice, soulful women card deck

You can use it with quiet authority or warm compassion. You can use it to courageously speak your truth or you can use it to help others. You can use your voice as creative expression and connect with the divine with chanting or singing. You can use your voice to build bridges and mend fences with people. You can motivate and guide with your voice.

It is up to you how you use it but use it you must. If there is something that is wanting to be said or expressed, say it. If there is a question that is waiting to be asked, ask it. The worst that can happen is that you will get a ‘no’ and that’s not the end of the world. If you see something incorrect happening around you, let your voice be heard. If everyone is going right but you feel that left is the right direction, say it. It is important today, to say it rather than not.

The more introspective question is how do you want to use this beautiful and powerful instrument? Do you want to use it to cut and wound or to soothe and heal? Often times we react to the tone of voice rather than what is actually said. It is so very important to say what you feel and to speak your truth and you must. How you say it though, is up to you and it can consequences. In times of doubt remember to be kind.

Make yourself heard today ❤


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