Creative Cocooning.

A cocoon is a safe and nourishing space where the caterpillar undergoes her metamorphosis in order to become the butterfly. The caterpillar wraps her silken threads around her, slowly at first, like a withdrawal from all that she has known so far, then faster until she is completely hidden inside her cocoon. Her friends and family know that this is a sacred place and even knocking at the cocoon can mean the death of the young caterpillar. So they let her be, and so she is. Until she is ready, she stays in this cocoon creating her new self. She doesn’t know what colours she will sprout, she doesn’t know if she will be a butterfly or a moth, she doesn’t know if she will be accepted or not. But this creative cocooning she must do, because without it she will not survive.

Creative Cocooning soulful woman deck

Today’s message is to honour that space of creative cocooning for yourself. This is not the hermit’s space where you want to cut away from humanity, this is simply not about others but about yourself, a place where you can wrap yourself in safety and comfort, not having to think of places you need to be or people you need to please. This is the place where you kindle that spark of an idea, a thought, a feeling, inside you. Where you give the attention to whatever comes up, without any constraints and restrictions.

This safe place can be in the bosom of your loved ones as well. But it is your space, space where you may feel the love of people without having to do anything to reciprocate.

Something is ready to be birthed by you – it may be an idea, maybe a project, maybe a new version of you – and it needs this quiet, nourishing place to cocoon. The card asks you to be a conscious creator, to listen to the rhythms and cycles of your body, to listen to that inner voice and take steps to do what your spirit wants and needs.

Have an awesome day!

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