Heart of Sky.

Some more about intention today šŸ™‚

Let your intention be as lofty as you want it to be. Don’t think about what is possible and what is not, just aim for the sky. We put limits for ourselves not realising just how powerful we are, how powerful our intent can be and just how powerful the universe can be.

We limit ourselves with what we can imagine, we limit ourselves because of a false sense of duty or obligation, we limit ourselves because of loyalty, we limit ourselves because of the notion of right and wrong, and sometimes we limit ourselves because deep down, we are afraid of getting what we want.

The universe doesn’t have our judgements or any predisposition to what is right or wrong. It just responds to the purity of our intent. So, don’t hold back because you think that the universe will judge you. Nothing you think of or dream of is too frivolous or bad in any way. Give yourself permission to want what you want and to go after it with single minded intensity.

Don’t hold back because you feel that you will move away from the ones you love. If they love you, they will always be there. You don’t owe anyone anything but you do owe yourself everything. You owe it to yourself to paint the canvas of your life. Only you can paint it. Make sure the painting is what you want not what others want.

Paint your intent today ā¤

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