We all have moments of clarity, moments of purpose where you know from inside-out what you want and if you’ve noticed, right after that, the universe opens up so many paths and avenues to get you what you want.

Intent is Everything. To become a conscious creator it all starts with an intent, not just any intent, but true intent. To harness the power of intention it is really important to know what you want. It sounds easy enough but really, blessed are those who know what they really want. Most of the time we have these vague desires that sometimes peak and we think we’ll get behind it but then it fizzles out. I know I have plenty of those. Take your time to get to what you want – ask yourself, do I really want that or is it something beneath that I’m longing for? Are you focussing on the money to buy the car instead of focussing on the car?

True intent has a single-mindedness to it. Where it becomes the thing that everything else revolves around. And as the Gurus say – it must be a positive intent. It’s not about not-doing, getting rid of, quitting but about the outcome you want. That beautiful positive outcome that is truly your desire.

The next step is stating it loud and clear to the universe. Write it, say it out loud or draw it. Make a vision board if you want but don’t tuck away any of these. Let the statement be where you can see it every day. Let the vision board be your wallpaper. Let it fuel your desire each day. Let it occupy your thoughts and take a little energy from you until it gathers its own momentum. In practical terms, looking at it will remind you to do the little tasks that will bring you closer to your goal. It will spark some new thoughts and ideas and you will not let this one slip through the cracks.

You may have guessed by now that that’s what the universe is asking you to do. Time to stop floating and drifting and set a very clear intent for yourself (the floating-drifting is mostly for me :D). Get behind something, be it a personal goal or health or a material desire and state your intention clearly to the universe.

Blessings for clarity today ❤


  1. Since you’re my voice of angels, I share with you that – I am willingly changing my lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle in every way 🙂


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