There are so many wonderful things that happen with age. The experiences that have defined us, the knowledge we have gained, the width and depth of relationships we have. Even the loss and hurt has made us understand life so much more.

The castle in the card is the home of our soul. It grows as we age, it grows with every experience, it grows as we grow in knowledge, it grows with every new relationship. It is the heart of our world. It is the foundation on which we stand and with which we move forward.

The message today is to look within and see your inner castle. Look how far you have come and all that you have built in your life. Look at the relationships you have and the knowledge you have collected over the years. (You may want to go to what you have lost but do keep this exercise positive :), and if you do go to loss, try and find what you gained there). You can choose to give thanks to your inner castle but this exercise is more about seeing and acknowledging what is already there.

If you are searching for a home or a place to belong – know that your home is already within you. The more comfortable and accepting you are to your inner home, the easier the outer belonging happens.

Come home to your own home. You have the whole weekend to visit.

Much love.


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