Be your own hero.

You have every right to be proud of yourself. You have come such a long way – you have been through sickness and loss, you have been through heartbreak, through failure, through fear and rejection – yet here you are, you beautiful, courageous being!

If there is one person you can thank for getting to where you are today, it’s YOU! You are and have always been your own hero. You have struggled and you have survived by resuing yourself every single time. This is not to say that others did not help or contribute, they did but that was an add-on. You chose to help yourself by inviting others to help. Today is a good day to appreciate yourself and your contribution to your own life.

Be your own hero. alana fairchild, love your inner goddess

It is time to appreciate it and also to be aware of it, to take note of the many times you have listened to your heart despite opposition and come to be glad of it. Take note of the many times you chose to go left when everyone else was going right. Take note of how you faced struggle and came out stronger than before. Take note of all the times you made your voice heard.

Take note and re-evaluate how you see yourself. When you see the superheroes out there know that you are one too. Take the appreciation from the only person that matters – you! Feel good about the person you are and the person you are becoming. See just how impressive and awesome you are without including or comparing to anyone else. Just see yourself in absolute terms and recognise your own value and worth.

Today, be proud because you are your own hero.

*This is Love your inner goddess deck by Alana Fairchild


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