Rainbow wings

Today’s message is of hope, of the rainbow at the end of the storm. It is pretty scary to have a 21 day lockdown and it is natural to be worried about groceries and dog food. This is very unfamiliar territory for all of us. Maybe you are worried about work or finances. Maybe you are just worried about how things will be after.

The message from the divine right now is of hope, that there will be light at the end of this long tunnel. The message is to look at what is around you with the wonder of a child. To let the ears listen to the sound of birds instead of the sound of traffic. To engage the senses in creating and eating wholesome food. To do some self care and catch up on all the books you’ve been meaning to read.

Try some colouring today and try to use as many colours as you can – all the colours of the rainbow in fact.

Stay safe and let your inner child out to play today 💕

The star

I was sitting with disappointment this weekend as I had to cancel my workshop and then this card came up for the week and my feelings did a u-turn. I wonder how covid-19 is impacting your life? Maybe this message will make sense if it’s been a bit frustrating all around.

The card shows a woman with one foot on the ground and one foot in water, pouring something onto both. The Earth represents the material and the water, the emotional and she is feeding both. The message here is to use this ‘not happening’ time to reflect and to journey inwards. To take that pause because the universe couldn’t be more clear on the message to pause, for all of us. This is the time to feel that connection of the emotional to the body and to the material. We are usually more aware of how the physical makes us feel emotionally but less in-tune with how our emotions are impacting not just our physical body but life around us. This message is to look into the latter so that you can affect change in your life.

The star also reminds us that it needs a night sky and an absent moon to fully appreciate the glory of the stars. So, also look at what is gained because something has not happened. The virus has halted so much but pollution is certainly at much better levels, many of us are getting a much-needed break, and maybe, just maybe some animals will be saved in the bargain as well. What has been gained in your life because something’s not happening?

Use this time for self reflection and maybe to do all the things you put in the back burner because there isn’t enough time. There is something there that needs attention.

Have a lovely Monday 💕

8 of Cups

There comes a time when you recognise that that things are going nowhere – be it a project, a job or a relationship – and the best thing would probably be to walk away from it. Stop and think though if this seems to be a place where you find yourself time and time again.

Stop and think about what it is that you are persuing. Is it something that brings you joy and satisfaction? Or is it something that you think you want but feel hollow after you attain it or are close to attaining it? For example, you may think you want a committed relationship but maybe you just want a deep connection with someone.

This week just pay attention to your wants and desires and ask yourself what really brings you joy, what makes you feel satisfied, what makes you feel fulfilled. Then realign your goals to it. Move away from the trappings of what others want, what they think and what you think you should have and focus on what makes you happy and full.

Some introspection this week will get you a much clearer picture and the universe will send helpful clues your way.

The devil

The Devil resides in the ego. The devil takes great delight in bondage. The devil smiles when we are tempted. The more we move into the shadows the better it is for the devil. The devil is of course, within us, same as god. Who we feed and nourish within gets stronger.

Today’s message is not be lured into the shadows by the devil. The Ego is constantly speaking to us, telling us that we are not good enough or that others are better and so we cut ourselves away from people who make us feel this way. If we feel jealousy or anger towards someone, the ego says, ‘look, you’re not a good person’ and so we take refuge in the shadows.

We’ve all felt like hitting someone at some point or another, we have used words inside our heads that we would probably not be able to ever say out loud. We’ve all had the flare of jealousy when we see someone who has more or when something good happens to them – even when they are friends. It is natural to feel this way, everyone does. What is unnatural is denying that these feelings exist because when we bury them they make their way into the shadows where they fester and burn. Sometimes they come back up in a physical form like heartburn or even bile. Denying them doesn’t make them stop existing, instead makes them stronger because more effort is expended in keeping something at bay over time. Also, the only way to change something is to first acknowledge that it exists.

Don’t get distracted by the ego telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Bondage is when you have all these lines around you that you are unwilling and unable to cross. The lines are supposed to be broad and flexible guidelines not cages to trap you. You can decide how to act but you cannot decide how to feel and you will be doing a great disservice to yourself if you don’t acknowledge how you feel. It may be uncomfortable for a few minutes and it always is when we look at something within that we don’t particularly like, but it shall pass and you will be in a much better place having defeated the devil.

Step into the light today <3.


Spend time with earthly concerns today. Make sure your body is nourished with the right kinds of food, do some grounding exercises if possible, like walking on the grass and be wise regarding your finances today.

Eat well, get some exercise, be and feel healthy, don’t overspend on frivolous things – all this only for today, tomorrow you have the donuts and go on a shopping spree if you want 😊. There is something in the choices you make today which may lead to not so nice consequences so be wary and wise while deciding the simplest and most mundane of things, like what to eat.

The Earth represents grounding and rooting, food and nourishment, and safety and protection. For any kind of movement forward we need all three. And it is time to move forward purposefully today or rather there will be an opening that the universe is creating for you today but you need to ensure that you are in a good place with all of these.

Think of your body as the roots of a tree, the stronger the roots, the higher the tree. The better nourished and safe your body feels, the higher you can go.

Have a lovely day 💕

Message from the Hedgehog.

The hedgehog is a master at protecting itself. It tends to curl up with its quills out when an attack seems imminent. It’s this curl in the fetal position that keeps the hedgehog safe and protected. We too tend to adopt this position when vulnerable as it keeps our vital organs safe. While this position is taken to protect ourselves from physical hurt it is also a pose to adopt when our feelings get hurt.

message from the hedgehog

If you are feeling hurt or vulnerable today or if you remember a past hurt, this would be the perfect movement for you today. Just curl up into a ball on the bed or even the floor and just let the earth cradle you. It’s okay to not be strong for a little while, it’s okay to feel vulnerable and it’s okay to protect yourself in any way you can. You don’t need to be strong all the time and there is certainly no reason to always prove to yourself that you are a fighter. You are strong and you are also vulnerable. Sometimes you fight the good fight and sometimes you run and sometimes you hide. All are good things to do – sometimes it’s best to withdraw so that you can fight another day. It doesn’t make you weak in any way.

Sometimes we feel that one act of weeping or curling up will make us weak for all time. This isn’t true. The act of curling up and/or crying will only make you more resilient and give you the strength to move. Try the curling-up position today and keep it for a minute or five. Try not to get up before you are ready. When you are ready you will feel the energy and the strength in your body. Maybe the curling-up is not for you and something else is – try a few different positions and how it feels for you. Maybe you want to sit leaning against the wall or maybe you want to reach out for someone – whatever you feel right for you is right.

Take this brief respite today and you will be stronger for it. And don’t hesitate to poke your quills into anyone who hurts you today <3.

*This is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck by Lucy Cavendish

Make a commitment today.

You are being asked to make a commitment today. To yourself. To your own well being. To embracing your power. To living life to its full potential. To loving yourself. To putting yourself first. To chasing your dreams.

commitment, rumi deck, alana fairchild,

The Universe, in turn, makes its own commitment to you. To be at your side always. To help you along whenever you need it, to open pathways for you, to throw synchronicity at you, to always find the kindness of strangers and the support of friends, to always give you what you need not always what you think you want.

The universe promises to be there for you as much as you promise to be there for yourself.

You could write a little note of promises to yourself today. To make a commitment to yourself of the things that you want, the dreams you want to pursue, and maybe also of things you don’t want – like not taking any s*&t from people.

Enjoy the process today ❤

Be your own hero.

You have every right to be proud of yourself. You have come such a long way – you have been through sickness and loss, you have been through heartbreak, through failure, through fear and rejection – yet here you are, you beautiful, courageous being!

If there is one person you can thank for getting to where you are today, it’s YOU! You are and have always been your own hero. You have struggled and you have survived by resuing yourself every single time. This is not to say that others did not help or contribute, they did but that was an add-on. You chose to help yourself by inviting others to help. Today is a good day to appreciate yourself and your contribution to your own life.

Be your own hero. alana fairchild, love your inner goddess

It is time to appreciate it and also to be aware of it, to take note of the many times you have listened to your heart despite opposition and come to be glad of it. Take note of the many times you chose to go left when everyone else was going right. Take note of how you faced struggle and came out stronger than before. Take note of all the times you made your voice heard.

Take note and re-evaluate how you see yourself. When you see the superheroes out there know that you are one too. Take the appreciation from the only person that matters – you! Feel good about the person you are and the person you are becoming. See just how impressive and awesome you are without including or comparing to anyone else. Just see yourself in absolute terms and recognise your own value and worth.

Today, be proud because you are your own hero.

*This is Love your inner goddess deck by Alana Fairchild

Full moon in Taurus.

So, guess when the full moon in Taurus is?! Yup, today! And this is the card that got pulled out. I’m constantly delighted and amazed when synchronicity like this happens. It adds a sprinkling of magic to the day.

full moon in taurus message

The full moon in Taurus is a November moon and associated with a winding down of things as winter approaches. Animals prepare for hibernation at this time and here is a general stocking up for winter in the colder climate and a sense of making plans to hunker down.

The Taurean full moon comes with an invitation to stock up the fridge, and generally. keep things within reach, get warm and cosy and make your plans for the future. There is no sense of urgency in this moon. It’s about being and feeling safe and comfortable and making plans based on this safe and comfortable feeling. See if you want to do some of your favourite comfy things today – could be comfort food or a nice massage.

It is a good time to start making plans for the coming year. Don’t wait till the year-end, start now so you can hit the ground running as the year turns.

Today, be at ease with where you are. This should be an easier Mercury Retrograde as well because of the Full moon in Taurus. Just let yourself be at ease with yourself, situations and even people and it should be smooth sailing. Operate from a safe and secure position and see the difference in conversations and discussions.

The Full Moon always affects the body in some way (as it affects all water bodies!) and you may want to pay some extra attention to your body today – have a long shower or a nice soak, use your favourite moisturiser, listen to some soothing music or definitely try that massage! Essential Oils can also help you along today – lavender is my personal favourite for a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy the blessings of the Full moon in Taurus today ❤

The cages of the mind.

There is nothing as disheartening as seeing a caged animal. Even the times when the animal has to be caged for his own good – like when they are recuperating – even then it is heartbreaking. It is so mystifying then, to see ourselves in the cages of our own minds. We create these cages around our minds to keep us from taking risks that might expose us to rejection, embarrassment or failure. We forget that the experience we had with these was temporary, instead, we make it permanent with this mind-cage. The strange thing about this entrapment is that we don’t even consider ourselves trapped. I’m an introvert, we say, or that I’m not a good public speaker or I’m not creative enough. All these are our own trappings and the world outside responds to that self-image and agrees with us.

free spirit alana fairchild, cages of the mind

The thing is that there very few people who are extreme introverts or extroverts, most of us lie in the middle somewhere, maybe with a slight leaning towards one or the other. In the right circumstances, a so-called introvert will put an extrovert to shame. We are all spontaneous and confident and outgoing when we feel safe, when are circumstances and situation is safe, when we are surrounded with people who make us feel that way, because it is easier to take the leap when there is a safety net.

But for some reason, we cage ourselves in our minds, instead of surrounding ourselves with the feeling of safety – safe places, people and situations. Inside us is a free-spirit who needs to come out and express herself, to go after what she wants, to try new things and be spontaneous and make art and make love without inhibitions. She is caged though because we don’t want to make a mistake or misstep in any way. We think that failure is the opposite to success whereas it is the path to success. We think that we should withdraw when what we should be doing is forge ahead. We try to control our fears when we should be unleashing them so that they can heal.

Control and doubt will hold your spirit in chains when, really, if you let her fly free, she’ll show you an amazing world and an amazing you. It’s time to surrender control and open the cage to let your free-spirited self come out <3.

Mother fierce.

There are times when things really work out for you – maybe you are aligned with your purpose and so they did, maybe you’ve been doing some self-work and so things really opened up for you, maybe you had help in the form of some earth angels and that can be such a blessing. And even as you are feeling happy and content there may be some people around you who may not be able to share that happiness with you.

Mother fierce (looks and feels like Durga right?!) is here to let you know that she is keeping you safe and protected from these lower vibrational energies around you and to shine away and enjoy all the good stuff that is happening.

It is good to be compassionate towards people who cannot share in your joy but never at the expense of yourself. You don’t ever need to dim your light to make anyone else comfortable. That way only leads to darkness. If you shine then maybe the other will be inspired to shine as well and if they don’t, that really has nothing to do with you.

It may be that you were huddling together in the shadows for a while and the person is feeling bereft now, and it’s okay to comfort the person and to feel compassion but if you find yourself being drawn back into the shadows then you know it’s time to leave.

Sometimes leaving is the greater good for all concerned even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. You may find that you feel guilty and there is a loyalty that you feel for the one left behind but that really won’t serve either you or them. Put yourself first, put your happiness first and the rest will work out. Self sacrifice only leads to broken ends.

This is the message from the goddess who is with you today and all this week. You know her signs – the colour orange, the tiger, and a big Bindu – so keep a look out for her hello to you.

Much love.

Down time.

time of fallow women's oracle

It’s been a while since a ‘time for the spa’ card has appeared and I have to say that I really need these reminders to do not just down time (which is a necessity not a luxury) but also pampering time.

See what you feel like doing today and if you have the luxury to take a day off. If not, then see how you want to pamper yourself today. Maybe your favourite meal or time out with friends or a snuggle in comforter.

It’s not just the body that needs this down time so no point in lying and bed and overthinking stuff. Take a complete break and figure out what will still the chatter in the mind, what will make your heart happy and what will nourish your soul.

And go do that today ❤


I had a feeling this message would show up sooner or later. There have been hints of it in the previous cards as well.


This one feels a little different though. It feels like it is not so much about the other or being at peace about something. This feels more like the present, the day to day stuff that happens, the teeny-tiny goof ups and such. And it is about you today. A reminder to not curse yourself, to not be annoyed at yourself, to not criticise or blame yourself. Because we are only human and we make mistakes. Because you did the best you could given the circumstances. Because hindsight is always 20/20.

Forgive yourself for not knowing better at the time.

Forgive yourself for being angry and short tempered.

Forgive yourself for not doing it differently.

Forgive yourself for not being there when you were needed.

Forgive yourself for giving away your power.

Forgive yourself for not seeing things the way you see them now.

Forgive yourself for putting yourself in that situation.

Forgive yourself for past behaviours.

Forgive yourself for all the irrational moments.

Forgive yourself for being who you needed to be.

What would you add to this list?

Much love.

Roses and Thorns.

There is so much meaning in a rose. Love, romance, delicate petals, depth in the whorls of the petals. There is hope associated with the rose, and compassion and gentleness. The card promises all this for you. Radiate love and compassion, go all in for passion and romance, encourage people to hope and be kind but with all this don’t forget that the rose also has thorns to defend itself.

alana fairchild love your inner goddess madonna of roses

If someone is harsh with you or unkind, let your thorns show and maybe even jab a few people who deserve it. The thorns are there to protect you, don’t be afraid or ashamed of using them. It does seem like a strange spiritual message but this is life. Sometimes you let your rose side out and sometimes you show the world your thorns. Both co-exist within you and it’s not one or the other, it’s both, maybe even at the same time.

Embrace your thorny side ❤


Another day to focus on healing. Today may bring up situations that induce a reaction from you. A reaction that you may later feel was uncalled for. These are signs and messages from your body that something is not right and needs to be seen.

the universe has your back, gabby gabrielle bernstein, trauma triggers.

A trigger reaction can be anger or tears, a sudden feeling of disassociation or disconnection, it can be a sudden pain or discomfort in the body, or simply a feeling that you may have overreacted. If you keep a watch out for it, you will know when it happens. Identifying the trigger is only the first part, the second is being okay to see what lies beneath the tigger. We go through many traumatic events, so many that we don’t even consider them to be traumatic or some that we consider healed. As long as they trigger a reaction from us, there is something there that needs our attention.

There are times when we need ‘healing’ and then there are times when we just need to see things and just the awareness of it starts the healing process. Healing is not about fixing anything – there is very little that can and should be fixed. There is very little that we can do to change past events but we can come to a place where they don’t trigger that reaction from us. Sometimes the reaction is even laughter, when we find a way to make fun of an unpleasant incident. At times it’s a blankness that settles over us and we don’t feel anything. All these are signs that these were painful events or interactions and we have stuffed them inside because they make us feel too much.

Today’s message is that it’s okay to look at those feelings. You may have been overwhelmed then but you will be able to handle it now. Find yourself a safe place and open this old package, it does not have the same capacity to hurt you. Wishing or willing it away will not make it disappear but looking at it will reduce the intensity with which it triggers you.

Be gentle with yourself today ❤