The divine nectar.

The divine nectar is this endless supply of energy that exists in the universe. We all have our ways to tap into this energy – we run, we meditate, do yoga and energy work – so many things that we do unconsciously to replenish ourselves.

The divine nectar, quan yin oracle

It is possible to feel depleted though and even when you are doing the same things for replenishment, it may seem that not enough is coming in. Think of this as the showerhead, where there is water pressure on the other side but it’s not coming through because the showerhead is blocked and needs a cleaning. This is a gentle message to clean your showerhead (both physically and metaphorically!).

If you practice yoga, then try going for a run or a swim instead. If you meditate then try chanting instead, for a while at least. Mix it up and see if the flow of energy changes for you. There is an abundance of energy in this universe so don’t be afraid of taking too much. You can overflow with it and still there will be more for everyone.

You could also observe where your energy is being depleted and if there is more depletion than receiving then you could figure out if you are giving too much and whether it is your place to give that much? Sometimes we try to be bigger than the divine and think it’s our place to give that much. My therapist often reminds me of this by saying “you must think you are God!”. It is a strong statement but it highlights the arrogance of helping or giving beyond our capacity.

The last thing to consider about the possible imbalance is to figure if all connections are in place. Are you connected to your emotions? Is your mind connected to your body? Do you feel hunger and thirst when you reach out for a snack or drink? Just see what needs that connection within.

The divine nectar is flowing – you just need to be open to receiving.

*This is Alana Fairchild’s Kuan Yin Oracle deck

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