Personal Power.

This message of personal power seems to be a completion of yesterday’s message of being your own hero. It is time to recognise your own worth and value and it is time to step into your own power.

personal power

There have been messages in the past month or so about being comfortable in your power and to not see power as a negative word. There have been messages about the many aspects of power – strength and resilience being some of them. There has been time given for you to get comfortable with the idea of owning power, of being powerful. Because it is time now to step into your own personal power.

Power can be loud or it can be quiet. Power can be strength and it can also be vulnerability. Power can be in your arms or your voice. Whatever these expressions of power are for you, they are for you to discover as you step in. There will be more to discover about power but that is stage two, after you have taken the first step in.

The call today is to feel it, to actually take a few moments to feel the power that is within you and to acclimatise yourself to that feeling. To feel it in your neck and to feel it in your stride. There is nothing to do but feel it because it is already within you waiting for your acknowledgement.

Say hello and get comfortable with it today.

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