Unexpected inspiration.

I love the imagery in this card – a young girl frolicking in the water with a Dolphin, while the moonlight lights up the sky and water. The water and the moon relate to emotions and intuition and the dolphin asks that you take some time out to play. The young girl, on the cusp of womanhood, represents newness and freshness.

princess of cups tarot

The message today is to be open to new ideas, new inspiration and even new emotions. There may an unexpectedness in the inspiration you receive, but receive you must. It may open up doors that you may not have imagined and set you off on an adventure you may not have foreseen. If the calling is of a creative nature – art, music or even a cooking class, the universe urges you to jump right in. There may be no rational reason to but just do it because your heart calls out for it. Also, don’t have any expectations from it – it may just be for the fun of it and nothing else. Sometimes when we do things for the love of them and the fun of them, it opens up other areas of our lives, be it work or relationships.

An activity like this can also bring up some emotions that you may be hesitant to acknowledge or show to the outside world. The card says that it’s okay to show these emotions. This side of you – the creative, emotional, intuitional side of you longs to be seen, by you and by others. Take the step to show this side, take a small step if you will but let the emotional, frolicking princess come out to play.

Let inspiration flow today, unexpected as it may be and even as you don’t understand it in your conscious mind.

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