Chop Wood.

Today is the right day to roll up your sleeves and get down to getting some work done. Zen says chop wood, carry water… and while you are focusing on mundane tasks, spirit will get a chance to move mountains for you.

zen chop wood

It is good to have a goal and the passion to pursue it but sometimes you need to let go of the energy of pursuing and striving and just be for a while. Sometimes when you let go things start moving on their own accord. And the best way to let go of that energy is to shift it to another task. Taking your attention away from your goal puts you in a state of receptivity. Cook or weed out the garden, something which requires your attention for a while.

If you’ve been working on yourself or on your relationship, then give it a rest for a while. Know that all the work you have already put in is enough for now. Take a break and let the universe do the work for you today.

Have a super day ❤️

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