23rd Nov. Material things.

This week, you may feel like things are in place in the material front. Material is all that is touched and felt so it could be work and finance related or it could be home and hearth related. Maybe it’s a physical change in situation and circumstance which is making you feel that you haveContinue reading “23rd Nov. Material things.”

Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

We all go through feelings of inadequacy, of self-criticism, of shyness in expressing our sensuality. We have all felt the separateness of our being, of feeling alone and misunderstood. There is a voice in our head that tells us to not-do-this, not-be-that which prescribes our limits to us. The mother wound is the collective woundContinue reading “Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop”

The Invitation. 7th Sept.

This week, there is an invitation from the divine feminine to come play in her depths. The Moon in its many aspects is the divine feminine – the waning and waxing and its fullness depict the maiden-mother-crone. Its pull at our emotions is the feminine aspect. Its gentleness and its many moods are the yinContinue reading “The Invitation. 7th Sept.”

Mother fierce.

There are times when things really work out for you – maybe you are aligned with your purpose and so they did, maybe you’ve been doing some self-work and so things really opened up for you, maybe you had help in the form of some earth angels and that can be such a blessing. AndContinue reading “Mother fierce.”

Unexpected inspiration.

I love the imagery in this card – a young girl frolicking in the water with a Dolphin, while the moonlight lights up the sky and water. The water and the moon relate to emotions and intuition and the dolphin asks that you take some time out to play. The young girl, on the cuspContinue reading “Unexpected inspiration.”

The High Priestess.

The high priestess is the guardian of the subconscious mind. She operates from an inner knowing and delves deeply into life’s mysteries. When she appears in a reading the message is to listen to your intuition rather than what your rational mind is telling you. It is a message to delve within and to holdContinue reading “The High Priestess.”

Roses and Thorns.

There is so much meaning in a rose. Love, romance, delicate petals, depth in the whorls of the petals. There is hope associated with the rose, and compassion and gentleness. The card promises all this for you. Radiate love and compassion, go all in for passion and romance, encourage people to hope and be kindContinue reading “Roses and Thorns.”

Anger is my Ally.

We tend to think of anger as a destructive force and something to be ashamed of and something to be suppressed. Think of anger as the fire element within us. Fire can be destructive and can cause a lot of damage but it is also something that provides us with warmth and nourishing food. AngerContinue reading “Anger is my Ally.”