It may be that you are second guessing yourself about a decision or action you have taken. Don’t. It was the right thing to say or do, at that point in time. It was the wisest thing to do at that point in time (even if that point in time was yesterday or a decade back!).

Every moment, every second, we grow and we learn. Sometimes the things we regret doing are our biggest teachers. These moments of error are important because when the right time comes for us to use that knowledge we will be prepared. Not that I am saying that it was an error – just that even if you think it was an error, it was still the right thing, the only thing to do. And really, even if you made a mistake, you are only human!!!

If you told someone off, it is alright – maybe the person wouldn’t have listened otherwise and caused hurt to themselves or others. If you said ‘no’, that’s a good thing – it is always best to follow your truth for all concerned. You did the best you could, with all the wisdom you had, and that is enough.

Additional message from the card is to gather knowledge and do your research but don’t get lost in the information. Wisdom is about taking the leap from all the data you have, not just following information laid out for you. You know that adage – Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Go beyond the research and information and take that intuitive leap.

Have a lovely present day ❤


  1. I love love love receiving your messages early morning. They simply cleanse my heart and clear my head 🙂 Thank you, hugs and kisses to you 🙂


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