Rose Garden.

The Rose and the lotus are two flowers that both the spiritualists and poets wax eloquently about. The rose is known as the lotus of the west, because of the way it unfurls it’s petals to reveal its heart centre, and the rose is the definite symbol of love.

Gardens are truly magical places, they have all the beauty and abundance of nature and yet have a structure and planning. Gardens are personal spaces, safe places, where we can create and create. The principal message today is to create your own heart garden. Decide what needs to flourish in your own heart, decide what needs weeding out. Open your heart wide so you can see what needs to be seen. See where the caterpillars are and what nurturance they need to become butterflies. Who do you want to invite into this space? Who are you uncomfortable inviting in? What parts of your heart need nourishment? What parts are ignored?

One way to do this exercise is to visualise your heart as a garden. In your minds eye create the garden that you want. If it’s too open you may want to put a hedge or wall, plant your favourite flowers and trees, remove the weeds, see what needs watering and so on. Don’t try to make sense of anything, just do what needs to be done and when it’s done to your liking you can leave the garden. You may find that you need more than one visit to your garden. If you have a physical garden at home, also have a look and see what is needed there.

Happy Gardening today ❀


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