4 of Swords.

Four of Swords is a message for rest and retreat before the next milestone or challenge ahead of you. You may be tired or feeling raw after all the effort you have put in and even though the battle is far from over, this is the time to retreat so that you can gather your strength for the next phase. It also helps when you step back from a situation. You can then see more clearly and the solutions present themselves to you.

If you are engaged in a project which seems to be consuming a lot of time and energy, and even thought there is a lot of work to be done – take time to rest and rejuvenate and you can come back to it with more vigor than before. The rest is not the rest of completion but more about gathering your energy and resources, of stepping back and looking at the big picture or looking at the same thing with a new perspective. Take a couple of days of or travel a little (there really is nothing like travel to open up your perspective).

It may also be time to do a stop & think about the project. To evaluate where you have reached, what you need and if there is any need for course correction at this point. With longish projects sometimes the final destination can shift as your priorities shift. Don’t be wedded to what was the goal, redefine it basis the now.

The same is applicable if you have been facing some tough times with relationships. Take some time out and regain your perspective. A little space between individuals is healthy. Plants, when they are too close together, get entangled and it stunts the growth of both, which can happen to us as well. Co-dependency can sometimes be detrimental to our growth. A brief separation can help strengthen a relationship, where both individuals can grow beautifully and come back together with strength.

Also, if you are feeling the slightest bit under the weather, it is a signal from your body to rest it out today. Take the day off and have plenty of fluids and just pamper yourself.

Rest today so you can face the challenge with ease tomorrow ❤


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