Angel of Song.

Israfel is a herald, a beacon, her song, sung out loud, is a calling for an ending. You may find a shift today, a difference in how to think or letting go of an old belief or pattern. Suddenly it will be clear to you – how you want to be, who you want to be with, what you want to believe.

We all have narratives that we run over and over in our heads. Some about ourselves and other people, some about our external environment – our country is going to the dogs, people will never learn, all public servants are corrupt, I’m born unlucky, I’m the third child so I’m always last…. and so on. The outer world, in turn, makes sure that we encounter exactly what our narrative is which makes us believe in our narrative even more.

Israfel is here to herald a change in that narrative. Yes, you are the third child and that’s a fact, but the consequence of that fact need not be that you lag behind. Maybe it means you are damn lucky and the universe, just like your siblings, clears the way for you so you get to every destination faster. Israfel asks that you pay attention to the stories you tell yourself. My story for the longest time was that of the Ugly Duckling who never could belong…but that is only the first part of the story. At the end of the tale, she finds her home with the Swans. For some reason, my narrative was only the first part of the story and that would play and replay for me, at work and in life. Think about your narrative – what is it? is it even the full story? what would you like to change about it? what is the new narrative you want for yourself?

This ties in with yesterdays message as well – is it even your story at all or have you just adopted it? Sometimes our narratives start with “I’ve been told or I’ve heard…”, take cognizance of that as well. Did you experience it or was it told to you? If it’s the latter then it’s definitely not your story. With little or no information, our minds can create a rather large movie for ourselves. What is that sad movie about yourself that you keep playing? And it is time to change that movie or that narrative. In fact, the change is happening already, you just need to see it so that you don’t go back to the same old.

When we start the process of healing, this is the biggest block – of getting stuck in our narratives. Today the conditions are just right to change it for yourself. What will your answer to the Herald be?

Much Love.

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