Ancestor of guidance.

If you find yourself echoing the footsteps of your ancestors, know that they are here to guide you into a new direction that is entirely yours.

There is so much that we do subconsciously that mirrors what our forefathers did, even though we are not in the same circumstances. The last thing they would want for us is to mirror their fate. There are patterns that many shamanistic traditions identify and systemic constellation therapy as well. For example, the grandchildren of refugees tend to move house/place every two years or so. If you have managed to join the forces which makes you move every two years, you know which pattern you have inherited. Many of us have grandparents who fled Pakistan to come to India or are from Kashmir and have had to leave their homeland (not by choice but by circumstance). If you have a desire to have a home but never really fit anywhere or find the right one, the longing can be to find the original home as our roots are there. Or if you feel lack, it maybe a fate you are carrying which is not yours (British India ensured that most of our forefathers felt lack – financial or even lack of self worth). Sometimes it manifests in the same or similar disease. Try and pattern for yourself, where the connections are.

Sometimes the subconscious makes us repeat patterns out of loyalty to our ancestors. There is this amazing video by Shavasti that details out these. He starts with ‘you were born into a story that is already being told‘, which itself is a mind altering statement. Have a look here and see if that clears some things for you.

If you have something that comes up for you while reading this, seek out a Shaman or go for a Constellation workshop.

Your ancestors want you to know that you don’t need to carry any baggage that is not yours. You have their blessings to live life to the fullest.

Listen to the guidance of your ancestors today 💟


  1. Hi,

    Just read ur post about anscestors. I would like to know where can I go for a constellation reading.

    Thanks and regards, Nidhi


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