Message from the Hedgehog.

The hedgehog is a master at protecting itself. It tends to curl up with its quills out when an attack seems imminent. It’s this curl in the fetal position that keeps the hedgehog safe and protected. We too tend to adopt this position when vulnerable as it keeps our vital organs safe. While this position is taken to protect ourselves from physical hurt it is also a pose to adopt when our feelings get hurt.

message from the hedgehog

If you are feeling hurt or vulnerable today or if you remember a past hurt, this would be the perfect movement for you today. Just curl up into a ball on the bed or even the floor and just let the earth cradle you. It’s okay to not be strong for a little while, it’s okay to feel vulnerable and it’s okay to protect yourself in any way you can. You don’t need to be strong all the time and there is certainly no reason to always prove to yourself that you are a fighter. You are strong and you are also vulnerable. Sometimes you fight the good fight and sometimes you run and sometimes you hide. All are good things to do – sometimes it’s best to withdraw so that you can fight another day. It doesn’t make you weak in any way.

Sometimes we feel that one act of weeping or curling up will make us weak for all time. This isn’t true. The act of curling up and/or crying will only make you more resilient and give you the strength to move. Try the curling-up position today and keep it for a minute or five. Try not to get up before you are ready. When you are ready you will feel the energy and the strength in your body. Maybe the curling-up is not for you and something else is – try a few different positions and how it feels for you. Maybe you want to sit leaning against the wall or maybe you want to reach out for someone – whatever you feel right for you is right.

Take this brief respite today and you will be stronger for it. And don’t hesitate to poke your quills into anyone who hurts you today <3.

*This is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck by Lucy Cavendish

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