Building Blocks.

Today’s message is about solidity and foundation setting and as we are poised to enter into a year that is stable and solid, I suspect this message will be repeated ever so often. A base or foundation is essential for any new growth and only with a solid base can we leapfrog into our manifestations.Continue reading “Building Blocks.”

Message from the Hedgehog.

The hedgehog is a master at protecting itself. It tends to curl up with its quills out when an attack seems imminent. It’s this curl in the fetal position that keeps the hedgehog safe and protected. We too tend to adopt this position when vulnerable as it keeps our vital organs safe. While this positionContinue reading “Message from the Hedgehog.”

The sacred fool.

“The fool is a great rebel, able to thwart convention and tell the truth without restraint. Your heart is a wonderful, powerful, sacred fool! It cares not for the right way to do things. It cares not for what the mind says is real and not real. It lives  according to an inner wisdom thatContinue reading “The sacred fool.”

Message from the Magpie.

Magpies are highly intelligent birds, one of the few able to recognise themselves in the mirror. They are rebellious in nature and have a real fancy for shiny objects. There are a few messages that the Magpie brings. The first is to look in the mirror and see your true self. The self that isContinue reading “Message from the Magpie.”