Divine Badass.

The Universe is calling out to all the divine rebels, the soul stirrers, to those who rattle cages and rock boats in the name of truth, love and compassion, to stand up and let your divine badassery out. The universe wants you to shimmy and shake – yourself and others, strut and spin and shake things around.

There may be some old energy that is clinging on that needs some shaking off so stamp your feet and clap your hands and shake your body with the intention to let go what no longer serves you and then take a step into who you are now.

divine badass alana fairchild love your inner goddess

Being a divine badass means that you break away from these ideas of right and wrong and really feel deep within for the truth. Even when the world is saying that it is right, you know deep within that it is not. There is less doing and more being in this place. Of looking around and looking within. This is not so much about jumping into the fray and taking action but simply about showing up and being there.

For things to do, don’t conform – not to other peoples ideas and opinions, not to others expectations of how you should be, not even to what your previous thoughts and beliefs or plans were. Do what it takes to come into your authenticity. Own your power by not allowing anyone to make choices on your behalf. Own your power by not thinking about the past – who you were and the choices you made has no relevance to the truth you know now.

You know what is right and true, you know what is just and compassionate and you know what you want to do. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it – not even yourself!

Be a divine badass today ❤

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