Your tribe.

Your tribe is where you belong. It can be one person or a group of people. It can be a shared interest group or your community. Where we are currently is where we find our tribe. Not just where we are physically but also where we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We attract the right people to us one way or another. And we let go of some along the way. Which is the way of life.

Within the tribe there is opportunity for great abundance. It can be a sharing of ideas or resources or even a sharing of energy which leads to a something bigger than the individual contributions. Look at ways to contribute to your tribe and something meaningful will manifest for you. Need not be big, just meaningful.

Also, be authentic to yourself and to your role in the tribe. Sometimes we are called to lead and sometimes all we need to do is show up. Remember that it is enough to just show up, it need not be more than that.

Give thanks to your tribe today and see what you would like to contribute and that the contribution is not more than what you can give.

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