Queen of Cups

The Queen of cups reminds me of Quan Yin. She is someone who is loving and compassionate, warm and caring, intuitive and empathetic. She is the Queen of emotions and therefore has mastery of her emotions. Not over but of. When she appears in Tarot she signifies a woman who embodies these traits or she can be an aspect of the self that needs attention right now.

queen of cups meaning tarot

When we talk about her mastery of emotions it doesn’t mean that she controls her emotions, it means that she has learnt to understand her feelings and operates from an adult space, a space that is more responsive than reactive, a place of compassion, a place a love – for the self and the other.

To feel emotion is a blessing but a lot of times we try and suppress them because it feels like we may be overwhelmed by them. Sometimes there could be a traumatic experience in the past which makes us react in a high-strung way and then we oscillate between too much and too little emotion. To be able to float in the sea of emotion, to feel the depth without feeling like drowning, is mastery.

There is encouragement here to let yourself feel. Feel deeply up to the place that is comfortable. Understand that there will be some depths that you can safely traverse and then there are others where you may need help wading through. Knowing when to ask for help is mastery too. Somewhere in the middle of too little feeling and feeling too much is the best place to be and it is only your definition of what feels like too little or too much for you, it is not for others to decide.

This week expect that emotions will be on the surface and that there might be triggers to give you the cues to where you should be taking your attention. The moon is also lending its weight on the message by brimming over beautifully today.

Today and the next few days, pay attention to what emotions surface up for you. It may be that these feelings just need to be seen and acknowledged or it may be that there is more in-depth work that needs to be done here. See where this awareness leads you. Maybe even do a moon ritual if you are already conscious of what needs your attention.

Have a lovely day <3.


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