The Invitation. 7th Sept.

This week, there is an invitation from the divine feminine to come play in her depths. The Moon in its many aspects is the divine feminine – the waning and waxing and its fullness depict the maiden-mother-crone. Its pull at our emotions is the feminine aspect. Its gentleness and its many moods are the yinContinue reading “The Invitation. 7th Sept.”

December 2019

It’s the end of the year and typically the December reading would be about endings and completion but it feels like a new beginning actually started about a week back. It has been an atypical year with all the fits and starts, the long pauses that end with a flurry of activity. It has beenContinue reading “December 2019”

August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’sContinue reading “August 2019”

Full moon in Capricorn.

What a perfect card to have popped up, since last night we had the full moon, in Capricorn no less! And what is being called a rather powerful Lunar Eclipse for this year. With this moon cycle, a period of challenges seems to be coming to a close. If you have been feeling particularly stretchedContinue reading “Full moon in Capricorn.”

The disseminating moon.

The disseminating moon is the moon phase after the full moon. The few days after are the time for the disseminating moon. I am wondering about getting this message today, on the day of the full moon, but the Monday message is more or less for the week so take it like that. The disseminatingContinue reading “The disseminating moon.”