Spinning threads.

The past is calling out to you today and this week. It is calling to be cleared, to be released and for the beauty and power of the past to be claimed in the present moment, woven together like precious rare silk. All the experiences, mistakes, adventures and successes of the past give us the wisdom and fortitude to make our present delightful.

Spin the silken thread quan yin oracle alana fairchild. todays tarot reading.

It is said that in order to learn how to ride a horse well, you should fall down at least seven times. After the seventh fall, falling is so commonplace that there is no longer any fear of falling. Without that fear is when you really learn to ride. The same is true of failing, fail and fail again, till there is no fear of failure and then success can embrace you fully. The worst mistakes you may have made in the past, the ones you judge or blame yourself for, the ones that you find impossible to let go of, those were just part of the learning curve of life.

This is a call to empty yourself of the emotional baggage of the past and take forward with you, the gifts, the talents, the skills and the wisdom to step into the new cycle that is beckoning you forward. It may not have worked out in the past when you offered your gifts to the world but you must not stop yourself from putting them out over and over again. Learn from the past but don’t let it hold you back, don’t let it make you withdraw.

Think about what you want to weave into the present-future, it can be a new way of thinking and being, it can be your talents and skills, it can be your new found wisdom, and weave that in. Release the pain and shame and blame and judgement, that is preventing you from living up to your true potential. You can try visualising this – weave in what you want from the past, as you weave it in let fall the all the baggage that you don’t need till a lovely silken thread emerges. Use this thread to start creating the pattern you want and let what is falling go to the bin. Deep breaths and out. Tell me how it goes for you.

Have a beautiful week.

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