It’s a short post today and the card does say it all. Surround yourself with things that make you happy, with people who bring a smile on your face, even if it means you are disappointing others. Do the things that make you happy by shifting focus of your efforts to yourself instead of others. You are only responsible for your happiness, just as that are for theirs.

Wouldn’t it be so simpler and easier if we all did this for ourselves instead of trying to guess what makes others happy. And there are so many times when it is easier for us to know what makes the other happy but we feel flummoxed when we ask that question to ourselves. Knowing is the first step, maybe take some time out and write down the things that make you happy and then follow through with them.

It is true though that you can just be happy instead of doing happy things. Whatever works I say. And if you haven’t already, do try the laughter meditation – it does actually make you laugh! Here’s a link https://youtu.be/sReREWoNyYY.

Have a happy day today 🤗

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