Today is a day for communication and communicating. Not the lighthearted chat or even airy gossip but a proper communication. This could mean an email or any other written communication. This could mean a formal conversation like an interview or a review. It could mean some legal paperwork or news that you have been waiting for, to come to you.

It could be news of a promotion or a bonus letter (fingers crossed). It could be a declaration of love. It could also mean that it is time for you to use the formal communication route. If you have your own business then try some flyers or advertising instead of just relying on word of mouth.

When it comes to formal communication we often prepare ourselves for the worst. We expect to be challenged and we have our defences ready. It is could to be prepared and to have thought through things so well that you have the counter-arguments ready, however, when we enter into a meeting with our defences in place, it creates a barrier to good communication.

The message for those who are going in for a review, interview or formal meeting, is to lower your shields. The other reacts to the energy of defensiveness. Many a time we may wonder why people are attacking us, whereas, it may be that we are shielding ourselves so strongly that even the slightest knock on our defences feels like an attack.

Today, if you find that someone is challenging you – first ask yourself, are they challenging you or your ideas? Is the challenge personal or is the person working towards a common goal? Is there a new direction to be explored? Is your ego coming in the way of a harmonious solution?

Have an awesome Tuesday!

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