Mother fierce.

There are times when things really work out for you – maybe you are aligned with your purpose and so they did, maybe you’ve been doing some self-work and so things really opened up for you, maybe you had help in the form of some earth angels and that can be such a blessing. AndContinue reading “Mother fierce.”


Some good news may come your way today. You may hit an important milestone at work or in your personal life. There may be an announcement of an engagement or anniversary. Something that needs you to take your attention of work and let your hair down and celebrate with the people you love. You mayContinue reading “Celebration.”

Lost in your own equations.

We often weigh our lives on the basis of expectations – our own expectations and sometimes others. We weigh ourselves too and many a time come up short. And then we wait – for this to happen or that to happen so we can take the next step. We wait for us to be ready,Continue reading “Lost in your own equations.”


A bouquet represents a careful selection of flowers, put together as an expression of love, gratitude or support and solidarity in a difficult time. A bouquet is a symbol for relationships and brings a bright and happy message about the relationships in your life. It signals harmony, grace and beauty. For some this may beContinue reading “Bouquet.”

Chill today.

It seems to be one of those slow lazy days today. Maybe some work will happen, maybe not but there is definitely a need for a wee bit of R&R and a dash of TLC. Try and do some self care stuff today. Either find some time and space to rest and relax at homeContinue reading “Chill today.”

Indulge in life’s pleasures.

This card symbolises extreme comfort and satisfaction, to me. There is a sense of abundance, an openness, a feeling of overflowing emotion and love. And the contentment that comes from being in a safe, looked-after place. You’re probably already experiencing this, and if you aren’t, perhaps you need to reflect on the abundance in yourContinue reading “Indulge in life’s pleasures.”

Begin manifesting.

I love that this card has come at the beginning of the last month of the year. The ace of pentacles is all about new beginnings, a new opportunity, new potential and new possibilities. It’s about that first step towards something new. And I wonder if it’s about setting the stage for the new year.Continue reading “Begin manifesting.”

These mountains you carry.

Today’s message is for you to consider delegating some of what you carry. You may want to do all of it or maybe you feel that no one will be able to help you or that it is only your responsibility. At times it may not even occur to you to ask for help. ExamineContinue reading “These mountains you carry.”

A blessing for peace.

If you find trouble sitting on your shoulder, reminding you of all that you should be worried and fearful about, let this blessing of peace settle over you. If there is this thought that is buzzing around in your mind, take it to it’s conclusion and tell yourself ‘…and that’s all right’. For eg. TheContinue reading “A blessing for peace.”

Don’t worry, be happy.

A simple message yet can make or break a day. If you’re in a bad mood or woke up grumpy, go to the mirror and turn up the corners of your mouth. The best part about fake smiling in the mirror is that within 30 seconds it becomes a real one. Who can resist thatContinue reading “Don’t worry, be happy.”