What a lovely message to start the month with. The card is encouraging you to detach from the restrictions of the mind. The mind that overthinks and sometimes over-judges. We all have issues and problems that we deal with on a day to day basis and sometimes they can be overwhelming, more so because the mind tends to focus on the problems rather on the many other things that are working as smoothly as before. If you feel the overwhelm or feel that there are more things going wrong than right, then try and do a count to see which is more plentiful.

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Start with – the Sun did rise today, I have use of my limbs, the house-help showed up, the car worked fine, the clothes still fit me and so on :).

The mind keeps trying to make sense of things happening but there is so much that we simply cannot makes sense of. The mind tries to exercise control on so many things but that is just impossible. The card says hang out in nature and see the lack of control that creates so much beauty. Our souls are eternal and know so much more than our mind can possibly know.

Let the soul in the driver’s seat and step back and enjoy the drive (or at least don’t stress about the drive). Surrender all your worries and problems, your thoughts and fears, to the divine and let the divine take care of them. You can write them down or say them into your palm and just offer them up to the universe to do as it will with them.

Hug a tree or caress the petals of a plant to ground and centre yourself today ❤

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