June 2019

June looks like it will be an interesting month. There seems to be a duality riding through the month. There may be friction and alongside it seems to be compassion and mercy. There may be separateness but with it is a deep sense of connection. There may be a feeling of guilt but along with it, there will be an awareness of the shining light within. This is the energy of the month. In all of this, there is no sense of any of it being bad or negative. The sense is of this being how life is and what is the gift that emerges from tough situations. 

Friction or conflict may not necessarily mean a bad thing. The friction of two stones rubbing together makes fire. A difference of opinion can mean both parties thinking outside the box. When we struggle we find new solutions, new ways of doing things or doing completely new things. It is the same with people – sometimes we need a parting so we can come back together in a new and more connected way. The message here is to not be afraid of conflict and to not avoid it because something good can emerge from it. 

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We all wish for peace and often we bury the conflict for the sake of peace. But peace doesn’t mean avoiding conflict or pretending that the struggle does not exist. Peace happens when we can step back from a situation and agree to disagree without any angst. Peace happens when we can be separate yet connected, which is being clear about your place and position and of the other’s so there is no disillusion or pretence, and yet there is respect for the other person and their position as well as your own. It is always better to bring up the friction areas when they are small and manageable rather than suppressing them to the point where they cannot be contained. 

It may be that you are away from home or your loved one is. Or you may decide to take a sabbatical from work. This can really work for both parties and some time apart gives you (and the other), space to grow and change. A little privacy when we are changing is always a good thing. 

Friction is usually accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt and there have been many posts in the past about these two. When you find yourself going down the spiral of guilt and shame, place your hand on your heart and start saying words of affirmation to yourself. Words like “I love you (your name), I will always love you, I forgive you, I am proud of you” and so on. Before you start though – be very clear with yourself that Guilt and Shame serve no purpose and they don’t need to be a part of your life. They are at best indicators for you to see what needs to be seen and loved by you, that is all. 

Sometimes we mistake feeling guilt and shame as a sign of spiritual conscience, it is however, a societal conscience not a spiritual one. Spirituality is about consciousness, of awareness and mindfulness, of listening to your heart not about what is considered to be right or wrong. Rumi says “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” That is where Spirit resides. Spirit doesn’t recognise right and wrong the way we do and we do a grave injustice to ourselves when we judge ourselves and shame ourselves for a perceived wrong. 

Mercy begins with ourselves. If we can be kind to ourselves it makes us capable of being kind to others. If we are unable to forgive ourselves we cannot hope to forgive others. No one can be as critical and as unkind to us as we can to ourselves. It starts at home and ask yourself what is the kind of home you want to live in and then set about creating that inner home for yourself. 

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We start the first week of June with the Death card. It is one of the scary cards in the tarot deck and the most misinterpreted because of is imagery. I can’t say that a skeleton riding a horse is a pleasant image but the card heralds great change and change is the death of something and the birth of something new. Death is just a herald that one major part of your life is coming to an end and a new one will start soon. There is a door that needs to close so that a new one can open for you. It can be the death of a destructive habit, the end of bad times or struggles, or even a relationship that has run its course. It could be that an old version of you is giving way to a new version of you. We do tend to resist change even when we know that it is good for us so be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel sad for what is lost. But also know that with great endings start new beginnings. 

The death card by itself usually does not predict loss unless accompanied by a card signifying loss but if loss comes to you this week then my prayers are with you. 

The second week of June is a week of action, of pursuing your goals and desires and succeeding at them. The King of Wands invites you to take the leadership stance in pursuit of your dreams. You can leave the execution to others but be part of the strategizing. There is a possibility of a new opportunity or new project that you will be involved in. It has great possibility of success if you choose to lead it and put your passion and energy behind it. You are the deciding factor in this project so enter only if you feel passionate and committed to it. 

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The third week of June is a week of enjoyment and celebration. It could be some good news at work which will give you a reason to celebrate. It could mean a reunion of friends or family which is a good reason to rejoice. It could be a birthday or a wedding or some such festivities. Be at the heart of this enjoyment, let your hair down and party away – you deserve it. 

In the last week of June expect some significant news which will put the past to rest for you. Whatever doubts or worries you may have had about your decisions and actions will be cleared at this time. The consequences of your actions will be plain for you to see and you will finally be able to move forward with a clear and decisive mind. The ending that started at the beginning of the month will finally be done in the best way possible. 

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In Love & Relationships this month, listen to your intuition. If something feels off it probably is. This is not so much about suspicions but more about caring. If you feel that your partner is not all good, probe to see what the problem is and what you can do to help. If you get a sense that you should call home, then do so. It may be a little thing but listening to your intuition will ease up situations. 
In relationships, step back to look at the full picture. Things are not always black or white. Try to look at the full picture without taking sides and of course, trust your gut. 

At Work, speak up and be bold while discussing your ideas and concepts. Keep fear and discouragement aside and really put your energy behind your ideas. The time is right to stand up and shine and to put your belief in yourself. 

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Health-wise things may not be that good. It may come to your attention that you have been living with being slightly unwell for some time now. It may have been so slow and gradual that you don’t even know when it crept up on you. If there is something slightly off, eg a tummy upset for some time or a backache, or even insomnia, then it’s time to go to the doctor or healer to figure out what’s up. This is not for you to get stressed but to just get some healing done because you have not been paying attention to your body. 

At home, take a balanced and diplomatic approach to situations and people. You may find yourself reacting to incidents instead of responding to them. Deep breaths will come handy when dealing with the home front. 

In summary, there is potential for friction and conflict this month but don’t shy away from it. Just approach it with kindness and you will find yourself in a better place than before. Whatever changes the friction brings, it will be better for all parties concerned. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this transition. 

Much love. 


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