Doing the right thing.

The Hierophant is about doing the right thing or even saying the right thing. You may be struggling with an issue and are unsure about what the right thing to do is here. The card does suggest doing the right according to your own moral compass, with an addendum to do the right thing which is right for you and not at the expense of you. Don’t get carried away with lofty ideals and put yourself in jeopardy in any way.

With faith, with tradition, and even within our community, we often struggle with what the right thing is. The right thing is really a very fluid idea and some of us really baulk at following the rules without making sense of them first. And it is important that you follow your inner compass here. The Hierophant, however, suggests that you do some research or thinking on a tradition or ritual that may just be the right one for you.

You could benefit with some kind of structure or institution behind you. You don’t have to suspend your beliefs and ideals, you just need to have an open and curious mind to figure out what is best for you.

If at work you need an approval from some kind of governing body, don’t reject it offhand. Figure out the pros and cons of having that stamp of approval. Authority need not mean oversight, it can also mean a strong foundation.

You may find yourself in a workshop or seminar today with a really interesting teacher or mentor. Know that this mentor is a keeper – at least for some time.

If you are planning to elope – now is not a good time (:D) to buck the system. Get a Poojari or priest or even a spiritual guru to perform a ceremony for you.

Have a lovely day ❤



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