28th July – Reading for the week.

I was tinkering with my site yesterday and an old post got sent out which was quite an interesting development as I was unable to do the weekly reading yesterday. I’m guessing that it must have been relevant for someone and this is just the universe getting the message across 🙂

How was last week for you? Mine did end up being quite busy and I’m taking a couple of days to have some me time and space to gather up my energies.

This week promises to be a feeling week. It may be that your Mom is foremost on your mind or she is visiting or just that you miss her. A lot of times when I’m missing my mom, I tend to cook her recipes and there is something about those dishes that fills me up so deeply. You could try that or you could just call her. If she is on the other side of the veil then maybe you could light a candle for her because you are on her mind as much as she is on yours.

This week try and feel through things. If there is a decision to make or something that needs to be done, or maybe even an invite you have. It may be something you think you should do or maybe it makes sense rationally, take a moment here to connect with your feelings and then figure whether you actually want to do it. If you find it challenging to figure out your feelings, drop into your body and stay a moment or two and you will have your answer. Also, know that it’s okay to say no just because you don’t feel like it. You need not share that with the world but honour your feelings by acknowledging it to yourself.

Be gentle with yourself this week, emotions have depth and swimming around in the deep end can be tiring. Also because emotions are so fluid that one than lead to another or there can be an intermingling of a few. Sometimes sadness can lead to love and sometimes fear can be connected to joy. Observe your emotions this week and try to not shy away from what comes up for you.

Someone just asked me what I mean when I say ‘sit with it’. Sitting with something is firstly quite literally sitting down (not standing) and thinking about something that is making you feel something and observing the sensation in your body.

Sit with your feelings this week ❤


  1. Hi Darpan,
    Yesterday’s message was definitely the Universe talking to me through you 🙂
    Thank you! 🤗


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