August Reading

There seems to be some movement in the cards for August with a new opportunity taking centre stage. It could be a new job opportunity, a new client or new business or it could even mean a new house or property. Something material or financial that will open up this month. If that something opens up for you and if you are wondering if you should take up that opportunity, know that it is the right fit for you. It is something that will utilize and enhance your talents and skills. The Ace of Coins is the luckiest card in the deck so if you are feeling hesitant or scared to take that step, know that luck is on your side :).

Maybe you’ve been feeling anxious on and off for a while now and that is as much a product of the times we are in and something that life will throw at us every now and then. This too shall pass because the sentiment outside is changing and so is the energy. With the rain comes a promise of rebirth and rebooting and a knowing that it is only a matter of time that things will change. Most predictions of normalcy returning are for September to November and that does coincide will the monsoon retreating. The rain brings with it the energy of washing away, of being squeaky clean and this may be a good opportunity to clean up your insides as well – a khichdi cleanse if your body is out of sorts and a meditative cleanse if your spirit needs it.

While you are debating the pros and cons of the opportunity that comes your way – keep in mind that sometimes opposites attract and the whole point of a union is to learn and grow. If you and the other are the same then how will the growth ever happen? Look for the differences and the scope of expansion and maybe step outside your comfort zone as well. This is true of relationships as well. Encourage friendships or partnerships where there is difference and see what new thing is created from it. Be open and willing to learn because this year is all about the learning and it is something which infuses life into any situation. It could also be that you have done some training of sorts last week and it is literally paying off this month. Feel good about your growth but also don’t rest on your laurels yet because there scope to hone your talent a little bit more.

If the stress and anxiety gets on the high side do seek help because none of us can do all things alone all the time and it’s the bravest thing you can do. Placing your hand on the part of your body where you are feeling the stress also helps – just give it 10-15 mins, not just a few.

This month the Karmic Wheel will turn and you may find that there is a shift of some sort. As the Wheel of Fortune card is sitting right below the stress card, I’m thinking that there will be a heightening of the stress before you relieve it for good. Sometimes we need to go into the depths of something in order to release it. The turning though is for other things as well and you may find a levelling up overall. It’s good to pause and acknowledge when you go up a level so be conscious of it and remember to give yourself a pat in the back for it.

I’m not doing a separate reading for the week as some of this should start this week itself :).

The coming weekend, on 8th Aug, I am doing the Volume I of the Manifesting Abundance series. It’s a short 1hr+ workshop for 500/- and the plan is to do many different exercises for manifesting abundance. It’s a come and go type of workshop so not essential to attend all. I’ll send out more details tomorrow.

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