Dancer of Lies

The worst lie we tell is ‘I’m fine’. We lie to others and to ourselves saying ‘it’s fine’ and then we start believing that lie. This is not about the response to a greeting but about the meaningful things in life.

If you got hurt by someone, you’re not fine, you are in pain. If you got passed over for a promotion, it’s not fine because a part of you is questioning your worth. We shy away from our feelings, discard and diminish them by saying this sentence and our spirit diminishes a little bit everytime we say it. Maybe you are scared or anxious or feeling helpless or hurt or something else. Whatever it is see that truth for yourself.

Today, or in future, pause a bit before you say I’m fine. Think about whether you are actually alright and whether it is actually okay with you. It may take a while to get used to it and the first response may be to say it. It’s okay to back track and say actually I’m not fine, I feel this way. Maybe even start with acknowledging to yourself before sharing with others.

Start with this truth today and see what surfaces for you.

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